In essays. One of the interests that

In this term, I have learned a lot
on various topics that we have covered such as the writing process and various
types of essays including an annotated bibliography and a critique essay. I
have gone through the procedure required before someone gets started on an
essay, understanding the importance of drafts in coming up with an idea for a
paper. In the critique essay, I was able to learn how to summarize the work of
the author while also positively criticizing and dissecting various important
segments of the work. In an annotated bibliography I went through the process
of giving the overview of a reference, researching the content’s validity and
the author’s qualifications. It gave me a firm grasp on factors to look at
while annotating a bibliography. Even though I faced some difficult moments
during the lessons, I was able to improve my quality of writing and knowledge
in different forms of essays.

            One of the interests that I have
refined is in the process of writing a well-argued essay. I have improved my
ability to present opinions and ideas making my arguments clear. I have learned
the importance of revising and essay as much as possible as it removes errors
that I unconsciously made in my work. In regards, to the literature review, I
have improved my ability to compare works from different sources while showing
how the points of view are related to the topic. However, I faced a bit of
difficulty in that area because I would be one-sided in my writing.

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The education at Pace will assist me to reach out towards
all of my interests. I love Hospitality Industry, and it has been my sole passion
throughout my high school career.   The
program would give me literally a world of options and inspired me to learn
about all the diverse cultures. Another part of the hospitality program that I
really like is the requirement for on-the-job paid work experience. The fact
that you get credit for doing something that you love is such a great benefit
and I will be able to achieve the grade point average that I strive to attain.

            Over time, I will keep practicing and
refining my skills in the areas we have learned especially the writing process
of a literature review. However, the improvement I have experienced in this
term has been satisfactory.