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    In 1993, Christopher Wallace (aka The Notorious B.I.G, Biggie, or Biggie Smalls) and Tupac Shakur we’re very popular hip hop artist that eventually became friends. But they were from different places, causing conflict between the gangs they both knew. Which also caused Tupac to get shot the first time and creating more drama between the East and the West Coast. As this problem continues, this lead up to the death of Tupac and Christopher. Background:     In the 1970’s, Hip Hop music came out and became very popular and many people started to like it. At the same time, people didn’t like this type of music. Since Rap and Hip Hop became big, it influenced people to cause violence in the world. For example, gangs, shootings, robbery and killing started to happen more and more.Which lead it to having the government try to stop hip hop music because they blame this type of music for all of this violence going around. But their attempt to take down hip hop didn’t go as well as they wanted it to be.  Build-upIn the 1993, both Biggie and Tupac were good friends before they became enemies. Also, they were became close because they both knew someone and was introduced to each other properly. Since they both were working on their rap music, Tupac decided to helped Biggie work on his music to make it better. After awhile, Tupac got shot at the studio they both were at and then the problem started.Main Event In 1994, both rappers were at a studio working on business and music. Later on, Tupac went outside the studio and a shooting happened and 2pac was shot. Also, there was a time where he was in the elevator and when the elevator was opened, he was shot at and robbed. After that shooting, 2pac assumed that Biggie or Puffy had something to do with the shooting and that’s where things started to fall apart. Then, on February 20, 1995 Biggie released his song “Who Shot Ya?” And people thought that he’s mocking about the shooting and robbery. Therefore, Biggie and 2pac weren’t close anymore and investigators were trying to solve out who did this. After investigating more and more, some say that Biggie and Puffy didn’t do anything. But Tupac’s mind, he believed that the east side still had something to do with shooting him or causing trouble with him because he once knew those people.  After a couple of months Tupac and Suge Knight was going to Vegas to watch a boxing match of Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon. When they arrived in Las Vegas they watched the fight but after that, Tupac got into a fight with a man named Orlando a south side gang member, then he left with Suge. As they were driving a white Cadillac followed them to a stop light and south side gang members shot Tupac.Short TermImmediately, after the conflict between the two was that both Tupac and Biggie died. Tupac was killed on the night he was in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996. While Biggie was killed 6 months after Tupac died which was in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. When Biggie was killed, an investigation on who killed Biggie started. But after Tupac was killed, no one really knew who killed Biggie. Some say it was Suge Knight seeking revenge for Tupac and some say that he was paid $13,000 to shoot him. Not only that but they were still working on Tupac’s murder case. As they kept investigating, the killers of Tupac confessed that they killed him and how they did it. Long TermAfter this problem ended, gangbangers were still killing or causing trouble with people that were either involved with the Death Row Record or Bad Boy Records. This affected how people feel or view the rap or hip hop music, the lives of both Biggie and Tupac, or even society today. Also, people today still represent, support, or respect these two rappers and listen to their music.