In I want to be myself. A counterfeit

In their muscle video
titled “Magic’s in the Makeup”, the band ‘No doubt’ sheds light on some of the
major issues that women experience today. The significant reason being, the
dissatisfaction with their body image. Contrary to what is usually depicted in
music videos these days, No Doubt delivers messages about self-empowerment and
acknowledging the fact that there is an issue in the media about body image. In
the video, No Doubt’s lyrics addresses the issues by their lyrics stating “Can
you tell I’m faking it? But I want to be myself. A counterfeit disposition.
Can’t be good for my health. So many different faces. Depending on the
different phases. My personality changes. I’m a chameleon. There’s more than
one dimension. I can fool you and attract attention. Camouflage my nature. Let
me demonstrate…” These strong lyrics depict that one’s self is personally
feeling two-faced due to the false personality and image that they present to
society. It explains more deeply how they feel like a chameleon and how they
camouflage their nature. This signifies how one would have the need to feel
like they must change and adapt they way they are for society.

     Furthermore, No Doubt sings “Makeup’s all
off. Who am I? Magic’s in the make up. Who am I?” these lyrics deeply signifies
that one may experience a double-blind self portrayed situation. When they
lyrics state “Makeup’s all off. Who am I?” that’s one half of an individual’s
self-image and personality that they don’t want to show society. The second
half of the chorus “Magic’s in the make up. Who am I?” explains the second half
of an individual’s self-image and personality that they want and feel like
society needs to see. Both halves, will develop a psychological internal battle
with one’s self, and develop, truly not being happy with one’s self.  No Doubt is constantly reminding us about the
dangers of achieving unrealistic beauty expectations through dangerous fads,
plastic surgery, and harmful eating habits. 

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