In how to put her face in the

the Touching Bottom by Kari Strutt, the character Kari Strutt. To Begin with the
very first death experience she got when her father ducked her head into the
half-full white tub at that time she was very afraid, this proves that near
death experiences can alter a person’s life. Evidence of this is when Kari
Strutt faces her fear of water for the first time “How many Fingers?” Dad asked
at bath time. “I was afraid, but I ducked my head into the half-full white tub.
I opened my eyes, then came up sputtering.” 
“Two.” “That’s right.” (1).This expresses the idea that how scared she
was from water and how does it effect her life as it very hard for her to face
her fear. When she turned seven in summers she started going to Camp Kinaird
with Fifty other girls for swimming where she learned how to swim and how to
put her face in the water. But on the Fifth day of swimming lessons, one of the
swimmer got leech on her back. This terror rang in her ears long and for the
rest of the summer and she refused to go in the water. Second For Instance, her
final epiphany of fear was when she was helping her stepson Ian in the beach “I
could see Ian, above me, silhouetted against the yellow ball of the sun. I was
so tired, and it was so soft and warm under that deep blanket of water. I
thought I would sleep, just for a minute or two, collect my strength for the
swim back to shore. Already dreaming, my knees touched coarse sand” (6). This
Expresses the idea that she was battling between life and death as the current
was dragging them out to sea and the time when she came towards his step son
she was surprised as her toes hit the sand and it was not too far, twelve or
fifteen feet at most. Heroically, she decides to save both doing the unexpected
she sizes up her fear and Ian gets back to shore by his stepmother. It became
clear that near death experiences can alter a person’s life. It directly
influence the person’s attitude and the way to solving problems in their
personal life