In to discover and analyze patterns to be

In the recently concluded competition IBM outperformed their
bitter rivals Brad Rutter, and Ken Jennings using the technology of Watson.
Watson is an evolutionary technology that has the capability to answer complex
questions with efficiency and with help of the different algorithms that has
been program into its hardware or by conducting searches on the internet, which
helps many business processes in different areas such as finance, supply chain
and marketing. Watson’s future applications include online financial
transactions, and in conducting job interviews. Meanwhile, Watson has produced
various applications; one of the most extraordinary applications is the Watson
Customer Engagement application. Developed to facilitate smooth interaction
between clients and firms, Watson Customer Engagement application offers a
unique way for consumers to interact with products and companies. This
application enhances customer engagement in a wide range of areas, with the
healthcare sector being a major one. The purpose of this case study is to give
an overview of IBM Watson’s potential application within the various business
processes of healthcare, such as marketing, commerce, and supply chain.


Findings and applications show that there is great potential for
Watson in healthcare. Marketing and healthcare are paradoxical, but Watson
could build a bridge between the two by becoming a marketing point itself for
hospitals. This could assist with creating deeper bonds with patients by
improving efficiency of service. As within any other industry, commerce in
healthcare requires the handling of big data to discover and analyze patterns
to be used efficiently. Manually, large amounts of information are overlooked,
which leads to diagnosis and treatment inaccuracies. The implementation of
Watson could assist in smoothing this process out. Similarly, in supply chain
management, Watson’s application could create more efficient business to
business (B2B) communication, making it easy for such firms to gather large
volumes of data, and convert it into meaningful pieces of information.

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