INTRODUCTION very vital part in making and sustaining



In the current age of the digital
communication, importance of social media is enormous as social media offers
platform speedy and easy platform for individual communication in addition for the
business communication. Marketers in the present-day circumstances would like
to employ every platform of communication for formation of brand engagement.
Social media is the utmost easy and inexpensive mode of brand communication. Promotion
of Brand communication through social media is assessable. (Baxi , et
al., 2016). Social media marketing has developed a
vital part of online marketing tactic among huge and large businesses due to
its cost-effectiveness, capability to attain targeted customers rapidly and achieve
more sales. (Everyman Media Works LLC, 2016). Marketing
communication is portraying very vital part in making and sustaining brand reputation
in the perception of customers. In the current situation, marketing is carried
out via social media. Many publicity
campaigns of the cosmopolitan firms are also supported though marketing through
numerous social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. to
make them more efficient and prosperous. (Baxi , et
al., 2016). Many
branded companies such as Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, etc. do their branding
promotion through social media to spread the awareness of their unique products
and services. Such social networking sites share their product description with
visual image of products & services which motivates customer to engage with
the branded products & services. 

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The objective of this report is to
analyse how branding promotion is done through social media to gain customer
attention and how the businesses are using social media to increase their sales
revenue. (Ciprian, 2013). Moreover, this
project will recognize the impacts of social media marketing in growing and
expanding the business. (Alharbie, 2015)


The scope of this project is to
examine and determine the importance of using social media tools by companies
in promoting their products & services to gain customer attention and to
increase their sales revenue. Doing promotion through social media sites can
advantage to the companies to achieve competitive benefit.  





Currently, there are more 800 million
active users of social media such as Facebook. And due to this, companies who
are eager to increase their sales revenue and want to spread the awareness
among potential customers, these companies are using social media to promote
their products and services. Social media has played vital role in influencing
consumer behaviour from information acquisition to post purchase behaviours
because once customers buy and experience the products and services, they share
their experience on social media to let others to know about it. For an
example, if customer is very much satisfied with company’s products, then they
recommend others to buy it. This is known as sharing reviews on social media.
And this make companies’ reputation and brand image in the mind and eyes of
potential customers.  (Laroche , et
al., 2012)

Social media is presently an element
of utmost branded business atmospheres. Consequently, it is very vital for branded
companies to appreciate how to implement social media networking sites such as
Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Branded companies regrettably do not have a tactic in position
when they are implementing social media for branding promotion to develop and
enlarge their commercial and engage their consumers. Tactics were disclosed that recommended what branded companies should
do in order to involve with their consumers. This project outcome which consist of building relationships, boosting
brand promotion and publicity, concentrating on customer relationship formation
as against sales, how to boost sales, and how content commence communications. Generally,
social media for marketing by branded companies is vital. Social media has a dilemma that endures within its general method.
The issue is that consumers have no disgrace, trail the people, inadequate
accountability, and behaving in confidentiality. The issue is because of social media enabling consumers with strategies
that stimulate undesirable behaviour. (Guest, 2012).

At present, more than one billion
active users are using internet and two-thirds are using social media sites to
engage with the branded companies. These branded companies try to build
positive relationship with the help of customer and brand engagement. (Melewar &
Smith, 2003). 

According to the internet, marketing
is innovative, and more individuals are getting used to it and its notions. The
uncertainty of marketing can be valuable which is suitable for communicating through
social media. This social existence
has revamped into the innovative word of mouth due to customer usage (Thomas, et
al., 2012).

Regardless of the uncertainty of promotion
by implementation of social media, social media is valuable in regard to it
still acquires it welfares, compensations, and rewards. For example, welfares
come by means of implementing and maintaining brand awareness and entering into
innovative markets at a lowered cost because of control of e-word of mouth (Solis &
Kutcher, 2011).

Social media is an enormous cause of
the business along with being communication for marketers permitting for both interaction
among consumers and able to hear and observe criticism and answers (Hansen, et
al., 2011).
Harmful buzz can escalate at an increased step in contrast to optimistic buzz
which can outcome in having a harmful impact on the brand and therefore, can
stimulate customers to engage with the branded companies. (Solis &
Kutcher, 2011).

In order to establish how a brand
recognized for implementing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, etc. to develop their business to boost consumer recognition; the branded
companies must strongly take part, have the information required to operate
their social media pages and establish a tactic which involves their spectators.
Presently social media is an environment which is highly encouraged by establishing
and flourishing a perception of the social media atmosphere. By social media, branded
companies are using social networking sites to post product and services
description to aware potential and existing customers. Therefore, using social
media to engage consumers in their products and services is very vital for
current businesses. For brand promotion, social media has become innovative
venture. If active users of social media are reading and liking the posts of
branded companies, social media can be an assignment that is devastating if you
have not developed a perception if what social media has to bid. (Gholston, et al., 2016)

In order to increase sales, branded
companies require to focus on customer relationships and customer engagement.
Because customer engagement is the primary task for brand promotion using
social media. Apart from this, in order to grow and expand the business,
branded companies require to establish how social media or social media sites
can be used for customer engagement in building strong and stable
relationships. The important question arises which is, how social relationships
can affect and influence consumer behaviour and the businesses. (Gholston, et al., 2016)


From these above-mentioned points,
this project is entirely focused on how branded companies get to know how to
use social media in attaining and gaining large number of customers by
implementing social networking sites. This project also focuses on why all
large and small companies eager to use social media in increasing sales and
earning more profits.

H1: How does a business recognized
for utilizing social media to establish their business to boost consumer

H2: How do some companies gain in sales through
social media, but others do not?