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“Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.”(Lisse and Group,n.d). Since the first International Congress of National Tourism Bodies, sustainable tourism has been a topic on desk for the world tourism (, n.d.). Having sustainable tourism has become the concept and development aim for top companies. As a big segment of tourism, hotels have major effects for the development of sustainable tourisms. Sustainable tourism did improve the satisfaction for the tourists and local people. Hotel industry has varieties segments can have impact in different segments, therefore this paper is going to discuss whether the hotel industry have positive effects on sustainable tourism?

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Ecotourism Practice

Ecotourism has been trendy to not only the hotel companies but also the customers; people start to care about the local effects from traveling. (Houdré, 2008) It means that the condition when people arrived the place still keep the same after you left (Lisse and Group,n.d). Most part would change or destroyed by tourism is the environment system, hotels are able to protect and manage to control it. Tourists usually will live in the hotel when they travel, they eat; sleep that almost all the vacation time in the hotel. Once the hotel follows and practice the “ecotourism” idea, most of the effect from tourist will be under control. Hotels, especially resorts own or have the authority of the beaches, forests and the other scenic spots etc. Hotels can help manage the tourists who go to that location and protect the environment system. Therefore, hotels would help ensure the sustainable tourism from the ecotourism practice perspective.

Local Customs interaction

Hotels have their own decoration from their company culture and concepts. Sometimes when the company builds their buildings, they focused too much on their concepts that they ignored the local culture and the cities characteristics (, n.d.). Hotels have the responsibility to combine their hotels to the local culture and their (, n.d.). Most time as hotels are not easy to give up their company culture and characteristics, especially for the private owned hotels it’s hard to absorb the local custom as good as the chain hotels. But private hotels are necessary for tourism developments; hence hotels will have negative effects on local customs interaction perspective.

Social Sustainability


UN Environment raised “Sustainable tourism should respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values, and contribute to inter-cultural understanding and tolerance “(, n.d.). When new hotels build in the local area, it will promote the economy that more people will be hired to work in the hotel and also in other ways. However, during the development chain hotels especially has different preponderances that might gained the profit under the premise of disturbing even took the local business (Hammond, 2013). People get jobs from the hotels but at the same time people lost their businesses and may need to be the labor to survive. It breaks the social justice order. So hotels is hard to ensure the sustainable tourism from the social culture way.

Environment sustainably


Hotel industry is a large energy, water usage industry. There is also tons of food waste and other wastes that is against environment sustainably concept (, n.d.). The problem of the environment effects is because of the lack of the regulation and the local issues such as the mega polis are (Nufeel, n.d.). That condition might not be appropriate to build the hotel but since the most countries are lack of the regulations that aggravate the environment issues. Therefore, at the environment sustainably perspective, hotel industry can’t help to ensure the sustainable tourism.


From the discussion above, hotel industry can control the local scenic spots protection and the tourists’ regulation to practice the ecotourism. It is also able to have good local absorption with the custom and decoration for the buildings. Those are the positive effect from the hotel to ensure the sustainable tourism. However, in social culture and environment perspective, hotels usually disturbed the local social order and did polluted and aggravate the environment system. At these term, hotels ad negative influence to ensure the sustainable tourism. In my opinion, hotel industry needs more regulation from not only the local government but also the international organization such as the World Tourism Organization and United Nation Environment. Under this premise, hotel industry is able to ensure the sustainable tourism.