Introduction:Chad Cotton, Gum arabic Import goods – machinery

Introduction:Chad is a Landlocked country in central Africa. It is an LEDC country suffering from poverty, droughts, inadequate structure, healthcare and many more. As of today Chad population is 15.3 mil. Chad Major religion includes Christianity, Muslim and Islam. Chad has became an oil producing nation since 2003. Chad post independence has caused many suffering from violence and instability. Government: Type: RepublicA republic political system let the citizens choose who’s the government. President: Idriss Deby As of 2016 Mr. Deby has started his 5th term as the president of Chad republic. Mr. Deby came to power in 1990 after he won the election against Hissene Habre with the help of French secret service. After his six years in the office he has set up Chad’s first multi party political system and he won that year Government system: Chad is not a democracy country. Chad’s Citizens has never experience a free transfer in power. Chad’s president is elected by voting and Chad’s president has a maximum of 5 terms Chad’s Economy: Currency  Central African CFA Franc TradingExport goods – Cattle, Oil, Cotton, Gum arabic        Import goods – machinery and transportation                                                                              equipment, industrial goods, foodstuff, textiles Main export partners – United states 58.5%          Main import partners – France 16.5% India 13.3% Japan 11.3% China 4.1% (2015)       China 14.2% Cameroon 11%                                                                               United states 6.4% India 6%                                                                               Belgium 5.7% Italy 4.8% (2015)Exports – $4.114 billions                                           Imports – $3.512 bilions  GDP Capital Chad had made improvement on their GDP per capita. Back in 2000 Chad’s GDP is 1000 and in 2006 it was 1500 ,but as of 2012 it had a GDP per capita of 885.1. Population: