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It is the year 3035 in the now war famined city of Los Angeles. People still living- barely, but still living. The city has been isolated for decades, with no one allowed in or out. People were divided into different sectors: the Intrepids (The protectors of the city, typically very daring), the the Drudge (community servants, who lived the most basic life possible), the Cultured (the “brains” of the city, extremely educated and well mannered), the Comity (the farmers, and are always against any and all violence), the Open (the courts, honesty is all that matters), and if someone did not fit into any of the sectors, they would be considered vagabond. Though famined with disease, it all worked. Everyone helped each other when needed, and there was typically no conflict- until now. Cole was an almost 17 year old boy who was a part of the Open sector- his parents were, and therefore he was force to be a part of the sector. This would soon change because in a few days time, Cole would have one of the hardest decisions to ┬ámake in his life: to leave or stay at home. When a citizen turns 17 they have the right to choose a new sector to join, and work. There is always a choosing ceremony on the last day of the year, so that the next year they would start initiation the next year. The night before the ceremony, Cole asked his parents, “I have no idea what I will chose tomorrow. I do not know what to do” his mom replied with, “We would obviously love for you to stay, but will still love you if you chose to go to another sector. Your older brother chose to join the Cultured, and we still love him.” Ever since his brother left, Cole has been depressed. They were two peas in a pod, and to see his brother leave was heartbreaking. After thinking long and hard about his choice, he would go to bed, this might just well be the last time he sleeps in his own home. Today is the day where Cole will make the decision of his life. He would go to the assembly hall, along with his fellow soon to be initiates, sit with his parents in the theater and wait for his name to be called. When his name was called, Cole would make a tiny cut on the tip of his finger and drop a drip of blood into the bowl representing the sector he wanted to join. Cole and his parents made their way to the theater, and sat in the Open sector section. It was very typical for kids to stay at home, but it was even more common for them to leave home and transfer to another sector. The leader of the Drudge was also the leader of the city was calling the names of the future initiates to perform the ritual. He began calling names, “Abigail Anderson”, she chose to leave her home sector of Comity to go join the Intrepid.