It and had impressed me with his abilities

It is a pleasure for me to write this letter for my student Vineeth Prekar Karuppasamy to be admitted to your reputed institution for higher studies. I have handled a couple of courses and guided him in the chemistry laboratory. He was also my teaching assistant and had impressed me with his abilities and excellent knowledge in the field of physics and mathematics.Lack of exposure especially in the field of sciences has been a setback for several Indian universities and hence several young talents are unable to find their true potential, I have identified him as such talents during his first year of study at the university. I have since then encouraged to independently work in science be it academics or research. Now, after three years he has set himself a strong base in academics at the college and also developed scientific temper. He is dedicated, hardworking and a passionate student with a strong foundation in physics. His perseverance level had impressed the faculty. In my experience with him, I am certain that he will be an excellent student at the University of Eastern Finland where there are good resources and motivation in his area of interest. He is interested in the field of Photonics and would have discussions in them like the phenomenon of Triboluminescence. I observe in him a great enthusiasm for the field and the faculty at the university could guide him to success. He has been working as a teaching assistant for high school students at “Science Academy of India” and has been mentoring high school students. From the feedback received and the student performance outcomes, he was successful in his task. His interest with curiosity has earned him a good ability to present physics topics in front of a good audience which has also landed him an opportunity to speak in a public event organized by “breakthrough science society” and again has not failed to impress the people. He gives great detail to everything he does. For an example, since he is teaching high school students he has thoroughly read the book and began suggesting edits to the book to make it better, this showed me his level of dedication and amount of detail he gives to what he does.I hereby recommend him for admission to your graduate program in Photonics. I find that the program suits his interest. He is talented, skilled and capable academically. I am sure that given the facilities and the valuable guidance, he will be very successful in the field in the two years. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors!