It Digital Marketing Agency – Pensa Media

It has been my dream since long, to pursue
higher studies that too abroad. While exploring options and programs, when I
came across this program in Global Management, it grabbed my attention and it
led me to believe that it will help me achieve my goal of being a leader in the
global economy.

It will help to broaden my horizons and
prepare myself for a world of new and challenging opportunities.

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Although, I already hold a
MBA degree with specialization in Human Resource from India, I am confident
enough that the Masters of Global Management program at Royal Roads University will
help me gain valuable experience in different cultures and business
environments, and build a global network to enhance my career.


During my Under Graduate Studies, I have benefited myself
from the vast curriculum that the university had provided. Being a topper at the
Graduation level, I always had that passion to take up further studies in the
same direction.


In my Post Graduate studies, the
course curriculum has given me exposure to core areas of Business
Administration and Human Resource Management. Also, the program gave me
practical insights through its summer internship module which helped me to gain
in-depth understanding of the theories taught.


I was lucky enough to secure
a job while pursuing my internship during MBA. Post successful completion of
the program, I started my 6-year long journey in the corporate world. It is the
experience, that has moulded me into a better person, both personally and


In these entire 6 years, I
had the privilege to work with start-ups and bigger MNCs as well.

I worked with 3
organizations, the first one being a Digital Marketing Agency – Pensa Media
Solutions Pvt Ltd, which was just a strength of 13 people when I had joined. I
along with the team, helped to set up and steam line processes which in turn,
built a strong 1000-member team over a period of 3 years. Post that, I joined
another organization, which was a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
consulting firm – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd. With this
organization, I started as Assistant Manager – Human Resources and got promoted
to Manager – Human Resource within a year. My third assignment was with a US
based market research firm – Innovate MR, where I joined as a Senior Manager –
Human Resources.


During my stint with the
first two organizations, I had the opportunity of developing and implementing policies
and procedures from scratch and explore all possible avenues of work, whether
it be Human Resource, Administration, Event Management and a bit of Media &
Communications as well. 


After I completed MBA. I have been
implementing human resource programs by providing HR services including talent
acquisition, staffing, compensation and benefits, employee welfare, labour laws,
succession planning, employee relations and training & development etc. to
all the organizations I worked with.

I have also organized various events
at large scale and small scale as well as a part of my responsibilities with my
last organization.

Also, I looked after the content
development and proof reading in bits and pieces, though that was a part of my
love for English language and Literature.

I also got a chance to handle a team
and mentor few people to learn and grow in their career.

I had also come across a lot of challenges at work, which
included managing people and striking a perfect balance between the management
and the employees and also addressing issues and concerns that hampered the
team productivity and in turn the organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Though, with a proactive and an employee friendly approach, I could sort the
issues but it made me realize a much-felt need of in-depth understanding of
more theoretical and practical aspects.


So, after working for 6 years in this arena, I felt it is
the right time to explore opportunities and pursue my dream.


I strongly feel that this Masters of Global Management at
Royal Roads University would indeed be a learning and cherishing experience and
it would surely turn out to be a turning point in my career and would help me
to attain my long-term goals.


I look forward to be a part of your esteemed institution.