Job get their hair, nails, or waxing

Job Ready Day One is this year’s SkillsUSA theme.  SkillsUSA is a leadership program for students in middle school, all the way up to college students.  It is to help students get out into the world and into the working industry.  It was created by students and teachers and the mission is to help people become world class workers.   There are certain skills that an individual must possess to be job ready day one.  Being job ready day one means being dependable, which means people have to be able to rely on you when they need you.  You also have to be prepared.  You should always be prepared for what might come next in the workforce.  To be job ready you must be able to work with others, working with other people is something that you are always going to have to do, whether it is your boss, or your co-worker.   My CTE Cosmetology class helps prepare you and get you ready for the workforce by emulating what might go on in the workforce.  It does that by having clients come in on fridays to get their hair, nails, or waxing done.  Also summer school is a good example of what the workforce might be like in this industry.  During the summer we have clients make appointments and come in.  We as students act just as if it were a real salon.   SkillsUSA prepares young students to be job ready day one by having the competitions and having students work together and work hard on different competitions.  It shows students that you need to be prepared because you never know what might happen next, just like if you were at work.  It helps show kids all the complications you may have in the workforce. You can always demonstrate to an employer that you are job ready day one by coming in prepared and with yourself all put together.  You can show your employer that you are ready to go and ready to work.  You can also show an employer that you are job ready day one by being on time, and show them that you can be very dependable.  You must always be prepared and ready to go.   You should always be ready to show people that you are job ready day one.  Being polite, prepared, dependable and being able to work together are just a few ways you can be job ready day one.  Being job ready day one will help you throughout your whole life.