Joseph how they treat you, how they talk

Brodsky was a Russian-American famous poet. He won the Noble Prize for his work
in Literature in the year 1987.

It was a
time when he was young; he fell in love with a beautiful lady Marina. They had
the same passion for art, he was a young poet and she loves doing the painting.
 They got married and had a kid together
in Russia.

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In the year 1972, Soviet
authorities came and arrested Joseph.  He
was deported from USSR, his home and send to Vienna.  And after that Marina and Joseph never met. He
suffered a lot and requested the government
to stay in his country and write poems
but the government insisted on his
leaving the country.

Why was he deported?

His work was
liked and appreciated around the world except
for the Soviet Union. The government
argued that his work was against their nation; his writing did not support the Russian

By the help
of some of the fellow poets, he was in the United
States. He started teaching in universities of Yale, Cambridge, and the
University of Michigan. In 1991, Brodsky became the United States Poet

Step by step
instructions to Deal with Your Critics and Detractors

In 1988, Brodsky gave a speech at University of Michigan. He shared
very useful strategy to deal with critics, detractors and negative people.

Of course, there are so
many people around us, from office, from your friends who make you unhappy. He insisted that you should
not pay attention to the people who make
your life miserable.

He said that you should not tell stories about the people who
make your life miserable to others. If you complain about how they treat you,
how they talk to you, they enjoy it.

If anybody is doing wrong with you; you should not go wrong with him or do something wrong with
him in return.  Don’t react to the situations,
why greying your hairs in the tension of

Forgiving and forgetting about them will help you live a peaceful
and good life. You cannot remove them from your life but at least forgiving
them will make your life easy.  

The effect of negative thoughts magnified when we talk about
it or discuss it. Everybody makes bad decisions, chose wrong things and no
doubt we are surrounded by it. But you cannot just regret your decisions all
your life, we have to move on.  Do something
good that is worth listening and worth your attention.

If anyone is offering you advice then just listen to it, it’s
totally up to you if you want to follow it or not.

He was an inspirational poet, writer,
and a human being.