Known visitors. Being one of the most


Known for its striking landscape, famous beaches and astounding
monuments, Goa is one of the most preferred destinations among tourists from
across the world. Situated on the bank of Arabian Sea, the geographical and
cultural diversity of Goa has something to offer everyone. The juxtaposition of
the ancient and modern, in the architectural beauty of Goa, is delightful to
the eye and intrigues the mind. Home to alluring beaches, bustling nightlife and
amazing food, the city has never failed to cast a magical spell on its

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Goa offers
a number of activities that attract tourists round the year. People can visit
Old Goa which has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, they can
explore the most popular church in Goa, The Basilica of Bom Jesus which is a
brilliant example of baroque architecture in India. Surfing at Vaayu Ocean
Adventures is one of the favorite activities of travelers who wish to
experience some thrill and adventure. Witnessing the Dolphins in their natural
habitat is a unique activity that tourists can try while exploring Goa. To
explore the depth of underwater land, Scuba diving is an ideal option.

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Goa offers a flurry of accommodation options that promise a
comfortable and luxurious stay to the visitors of all ages. Some of the best hotels in North Goa include Tato’s Coco
Beach Village, Prestige Hotel, Lotus Villa, The Residency, Willows Elite
Tourist Resort and Serenity at Varca by Akupara. Nestled in the calm and quiet
village of Nerul, Tato’s Coco Beach Village is one of the most sought-after North Goa hotels that offers 18 rooms
spread over two floors.  It also houses a
multi-cuisine restaurant that provides a fine dining experience to the visitors
from across the globe. Spread over three floors, Prestige Hotel features 20
spacious and well-kept rooms ensuring the convenience of the travelers. Some of
the nearby attractions that people can explore during their stay in the hotel
are Candolim Beach, LPK Waterfront and Aguada Fort. Lotus Villa is one of the
most popular hotels in North Goa
that facilitates 4 well-furnished rooms with a touch of basic amenities and
professional hospitality. Reflecting a fine balance between comfort and luxury,
The Residency maintains well-designed guest rooms that are well-equipped with
all essential requisites.  Featuring
comfortable rooms and a multi-cuisine restaurant, Willows Elite Tourist Resort
is one of the best North Goa hotels.
Serenity at Varca by Akupara facilitates 6 guest rooms that are thoughtfully
designed to meet the needs of global travelers.  Azad Maidan and Immaculate Conception Church
are the nearby places that people can visit in the area. It is a suitable
option for both business and leisure trips.

There are a plethora of accommodation options in Goa that
exhibit impeccable hospitality and efficient facilities. Enjoy the luxury while
experiencing the charm of the city at the same time. For booking North Goa hotels, people can refer to
the official website of Yatra (