Last her sister’s happiness.” Though the queen

Last week Princess Margaret announced that
she is soon going to visit Antigua, it is rumored that the reason behind this
visit, is an affair between Princess Margaret and the royal equerry, Peter
Townsend. Her loyalty is in question as she is required to choose between her
royal duty, as the Countess of Snowdon, or her love affair with the divorced
royal equerry. Peter and Margaret first met when Margaret was fourteen years
old. Their romance is said to have started when she was twenty-two years old.

At a gathering in 1953, the princess was seen removing dust from Peter’s
uniform while waiting outside Westminster Abbey. That action was proved that
rumors of their romance were, in fact, true. The 1955 tour of Antigua is said
to be a mere distraction for the public, from the sparking rumors of their

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Peter married
Miss Cecil Rosemary Pawle after he served in the Indian Civil Service returned
to Britain. They had two sons but Peter filed for divorce after his wife had an
affair. The reason for this visit is the fact that Margaret wanted to marry
Peter. Peter’s divorced status makes impossible for Margaret to marry him, as
both the Church of England and parliament are said to be against the match. In
a letter, Queen Elizabeth II said: “Her Majesty would not wish to stand in
the way of her sister’s happiness.” Though the queen can give her consent
for the marriage because Margaret is under the age of 25. Her role as Head of
the Church of England makes this difficult. It does not help that Winston
Churchill, the Prime Minister is saying that it is unlikely his cabinet will
approve of their marriage, despite public support for the couple.


As a
result, the princess broke off this affair and the princess will leave for
Antigua to ensure the rumors die down. “I would like it to be known that I
have decided not to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend,” she said. “I
have been aware that, subject to my renouncing my rights of succession, it
might have been possible for me to contract a civil marriage. But, mindful of
the Church’s teaching that Christian marriage is indissoluble and conscious of
my duty to the Commonwealth, I have decided to put these considerations before
any others.” The public had heard of the many rumors of incidents between
the rumored couple, behind Buckingham Palace’s walls. Though they fully supported
the couple, the government and the church did not allow this affair. Therefore,
we will not be hearing more of this couple. The princess will be leaving for
her tour in a week and though this heartbreaking affair ends tragically and is
the cause of her visit, Antiguans are very excited about her arrival, and they
hope to make sure the princess has a luxurious and happy stay.