Learning 2005. Information and Communication Technologies and Real-Life

is a comprehensive and continuous process which helps us to create knowledge based
societies which contribute to the economy and overall development of individual
and the nation. To capture this knowledge, we need the help of new technologies
for proper use and application.



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To study the effectiveness of web source
in promoting learning process.

To study the attitude of users towards web
source resources in learning situation.

To examine different web search methods
used in the learning process.

Compare the use of web sources by arts
and science stream students and undergraduate and post graduate syudents.


Web based sources helps in promoting

Attitude of the users towards the usage
of open sources are satisfactory.

Users are not bothering about the
authenticity of  the information available
in the web.

of literature:

a day’s web has become the backbone of teaching and learning process. Web is
being used successfully in instruction, learning and assessment. Web is
considered one of the most powerful tools for educational change and reform.

Weert and Tatnall (2005) have stated that learning is an ongoing lifelong
activity where learners change their expectations by seeking knowledge, which
departs from traditional approaches.

Weert, T. V.
and Tatnall, A., 2005. Information and Communication Technologies and Real-Life
Learning: New Education for the New Knowledge Society, Springer, New York.

Kent and Facer (2004) indicated that school is an important environment
in which students participate in a wide range of computer activities, while the
home serves as a complementary site for regular engagement in a narrower set of
computer activities. Increasingly, ICT is being applied successfully in
instruction, learning, and assessment.

Sánchez, J. J. and Alemán, E. C., 2011. Teachers’ opinion survey on the use of
ICT tools to support attendance-based teaching. Journal Computers and
Education, vol. 56, pp.911-915.

Madhusmita Devi (2015) indicated that with
the use of internet and World Wide Web, a wealth of learning materials in
almost every subject can be accessed anywhere and at any time by an unlimited
number of learners. Through this paper, an attempt has been made to focus on
how ICT tools are helpful and beneficial to promote learning of the learners.

Madhusmitha Devi, 2015 . Impact of information and
communication technology on learning process : astudy. International journal of
research in social sciences, vol. 5 No:1, pp.622-630.


paper is primarily based on Survey Method. For this, a Self Structured
Questionnaire was prepared on the basis of the objectives determined. Primary
Data has been collected from randomly selected 50 undergraduate students and 50
post graduate students of arts and science streams of various colleges in Wayand,
a tribal area. Data are systematically analysed and interpreted with the help
of statistical methods. Secondary data were collected primarily from journals,
books and internet etc.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

 In this
study, a self structured questionnaire was prepared on the basis of objectives.


Today the world is changing very fast. Due to the
advancement in Science & Technology as well as in communication system, new
and effective methods are coming up in the field of education. Web resources provides
a great opportunities for students to learning.