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With respect to the mass revolt at University of California – San Diego their has been an adjustment in the overseeing body. A new student-led government has been designated. This new student drove overseeing body intends to improve life for students and staff alike on grounds. We have been appointed to execute our new vision through this mission statement. This new vision is called “Fitnessism”.
“Fitnessism” is a vision that tries to implement fitness into the lifestyle of each student. This is for the betterment of everyone on campus. Fitness does allude to being physically fit as well as alludes to a man’s psychological state also. In the event that a man is physically fit, yet rationally unwell or agitated, he or she won’t have the capacity to work ideally. Mental fitness must be accomplished if your body is working great. You can help unwind your own brain and wipe out worries by practicing consistently and eating right. Individuals who are physically fit are additionally more advantageous, can keep up their most ideal weight, and are likewise not inclined to heart and other medical issues. So as to keep up a casual perspective, a man ought to be physically dynamic. A man who is fit both physically and rationally is sufficiently solid to confront the good and bad times of life and isn’t influenced by uncommon changes on the off chance that they occur. Numerous studies have likewise demonstrated that physical wellness has a positive relationship amongst’s work and test execution. The accompanying focuses will now illuminate the rules for “Fitnessism”.
We believe in a healthy balanced diet. A dietician will be assigned to each student in order to ensure that each student has a daily diet. These eating methodologies will cater to the individual needs of each student and ensure progress towards a healthier physical and mental condition of the student.
We believe in real food. We’re not interested in overly processed and packaged foods being passed off as real food. We want pure, unadulterated food. For this, we will aim to make sure that no packaged and processed foods are served at any of the dining halls on campus. They must be replaced with healthy organic foods. 
We believe in higher food knowledge and consciousness. To encourage this all dining halls will provide nutritional information like Calories, Macronutrient content etc. about the various eatables available. This will benefit all students and staff by helping them take control of their diet. 
We believe in regular physical activity. To ensure this we will encourage participation in more physical recreational activities like sports, gym, and dance. This will be done by offering a variety of fitness classes that offer credit each quarter. All student-athletes in varsity teams or clubs will likewise be given additional credit. 
We believe in eliminating all unhealthy foods. For this, we will replace all unhealthy foods in dining halls with a healthier version of the food items. There will be a healthier version of all kinds of foods like Pizzas, Burgers etc. For example, French fries will now be made using an air frier rather than an oil deep frier.
In spite of all the advanced medical knowledge and developments, Americans are more and more unhealthy every year. 66% of the population is either overweight or obese. Diabetes and other issues including various types of cancer have very frequently been linked to excess weight. This is the reason “Fitnessism” is essential, as we aim for UCSD never to confront the various health problems faced by a majority of the country and also maintain exceedingly good performance levels. 

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