Life demonstrated as a way to control our

Life doesn’t always  produce the best, but it give’s meaning to live.
Philosophy is often referred as the arena of the mind. It is where students
battle their inner demons to gain consciousness of reality in an unnatural way
of nature. What philosophy demands             is
understanding of an external force which cannot be manipulated, but only embraced.
The standpoint on philosophy is how a person takes philosophy into his/her daily
life . Some may see philosophy as a theoretical way to solve their problems and
the world’s if necessary. When it comes to philosophy, we all have our doubts
and questions against anything ethical. For example, Socrates had it all coming
to himself, he questioned everything in the sense of what the society believed
he was creating his own world where he could play God and others his followers.
He turned all the youth against what the society believed and against the
society as well. He did not accomplish anything, but he lost his life. Although
most philosophers talk about God and religion some, really don’t support with the
idea of the existence of God himself. Above all the philosophical branches do play
a significant role in a person’s standpoint of life. However, it is also explains,
life and death for example. Philosophy is an exercise of the mind seemingly going
through a treacherous path of torture to figure out what life stands for. The
theories we come up with, have a significant use of the branches, logic, ethics
and aesthetics can be used for good without changing the course of the world or
what the world in general stands for. There are concrete ways to prove that one’s
standpoint of life consists of all the branches in philosophy. They provide us
with a doctrine that is theoretically true but sometimes doesn’t work practically.

            Philosophy is demonstrated as a way to control our
societies and shape our way of thinking. When we use philosophy as a means to
find answers it cannot be always found. For example, the topic “The Good Brahman”,
the central idea was that whatever a person thinks he/she knows is not always right.
The information that you thought was the key factor of life is wrong, no one has
full understanding and wisdoms of live, unless if a person yields or humbles they
can learn much more from their humbleness. This shows that the branches are
needed to obtain knowledge in a certain way, that can make a person happy with
what they have. Everything revolves around logic. For example, in order to have
life there should be death. This is a theory that revolves around the world for
quite some time. I personally think logic is the center life of all branches,
as mentioned before everything needs logic to be proven. Aristotle defined
logic as a “new and necessary reasoning”, new in the sense of learning of what
is necessary. Logic classifies as a structure of a statement or argument.
Aristotle would have said that I am either too young or too low in knowledge of
understanding like he is. Also, logic contains distinct parts as well, the one I
am focusing on is Mathematical Logic. For example, Pythagorean, he used math
basically for everything, in a way that is a fact. Math rely on logic in order
to achieve the correct solution. Everything around us depends on logic, For Example
the time it takes for a butterfly to form from larva was mathematically created,
the time and the energy required for transformation. Hence, everything in nature
rely on mathematical logic.

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            Views on ethics has been in the downside for centuries. I
personally agree with ethics and what it stands for. Ethics is a moral code to
be precise which should be used at all times for a reasonable and less damaging
cause. I use the idea of ethics all the time because of what it is for me. I need
to use a moral code, in order to live a life that contains meaning. It plays a
significant role in life including mine. Learning from the previous philosophical
theories and branches after logic come ethics. Plato was also known as the
father of ethics, people do certain things in the society regardless the pain and
expenses others must give. That is against morality. In ethics there are different
branches, the one I will be focusing on is Utilitarianism. People in the society
are often found in this part of ethics, it is defined as the maximization of pleasure
or anything the person might need. If a society changes their views everything for
themselves that is against the moral code. It must be shown that ethics is always
a perfect branch to use as a source to solve problems in his/her her life but
at the same time risking one’s life as well.

            The essay discusses about how logic and ethics work in
the society, now it is about aesthetics. Everything that revolves around and in
the world, is beautiful. For example, art can be used to illustrate beauty. In this
branch I will be focusing on imagination in aesthetics. Every artist imagines
in some way normal human beings can’t think of, unrealistic way and that is
what imagination is known for. Imagination has no limit but has a purpose. I
imagine my self-having everything I ever wanted, so it calms me down and gives
me happiness for a brief time but as we know it’s not eternal or permanent to
be precise. Plato describes aesthetics as more broadly as a treatment for beauty
and art. Plato claims that beauty describes as seeking to discover. In the sense
that everything can be learned and described through beauty. This can be also
explained using Aristotle’s universal norm. Aristotle believes that beauty is a
set of universal truth and it fits into harmony of nature. Then again, he claims
that if it’s simple then it’s not beautiful, which makes us wonder why exactly he
would say that. The reason is that the mind need to be in balance to imagine anything
beautiful. Both mind and imagination are a necessity for each other in order to
have a complete and satisfied vision that is exactly what people seek. It has
been shown that aesthetics is just a part of the branch which is not quiet the
one to follow

            Thus, the way life really works is when a person finds meaning
to live for. The branches in philosophy helps create a new life. Philosophy is
an exercise of the mind which is used to fight the inner demon within yourselves.
Theories can be explained via the branches logic, ethics, and aesthetics. One
of the concrete ways to prove that these branches are very much needed and it
is theoretical.