Living those questions or even maybe, then

Living life and taking risks.

How do you feel about your life today? Do you wake up
excited every morning? Do you love what your doing? Do you think your living
your life to the fullest? Chances are probably not. If you answered no to any
of those questions or even maybe, then you’re not living your life to the
fullest. Each and every one of you including you mrs carriere deserves nothing
but the best. Life has so much to offer us and the experience is yours to
create. Almost all of us are fortunate enough to be born in well off countries
and most likely born into upper or middle class family’s. You might not think
so but the number of opportunities that come our way are significantly higher
than those that present themselves to people who are not as well off as we are.
There are those that just live that’s it. If we were to find ourselves In their
positions, we would likely die from boredom. How is it that some people find
fascination living lives of minimal change same routines over and over. while
many of us living modern, fast-paced lives are unable to keep hold of our own
interest? A lot of us are presented with multitudes of options, each
potentially leading to different adventures are unforgettable memories.
Opportunity comes knocking on our door but yet we do nothing about it. It
almost always comes down to two reasons: we are either too Lazy or too afriad.
I think mostly lazy. Not many of us can say that we are happy with who we are.
And are happy with the way we live our lives. This is why most of us find
ourselves on an endless search for that treasure, which someone at some point
in history dubbed as happiness. Most of us feel that although our lives are
decent, they could improve im about to show you a video by prince EA that explains
this concept very well. The concept that everybody dies, but not everybody
this is the point where im going to list all of the things that will make us “happier”:
money, a nice car, a better house a better paying job, or a girlfriend. Were
all under the illusion that that attaining these objects or relationship’s will
make us happier which is not the case let me tell you a little story. I used to
want money so I got a job. that job did not make any happier it made me more
sad even though I was getting lots of money I hated that job. Thankfully that
job is in the past with My new job I make less and im way happier. These items
themselves do not hold happiness- Were forced to believe that owning these
items will open magical doors for us that were once closed. This is the key. We
all want things because we want to do more; we want to live more by acting
more- by literally doing and experiencing more. Were under the impression that
living the lives we are living now, we are unable to experience life fully.
What we have to be doing is looking at every opportunity that comes our way
risky or not. Then deciding weather our lives and we ourselves would be better
off by the experience. Its important to be honest with yourself. Looking at the
situation and finding a logical reason to restrain from action is entirely
reasonable. However, you must use logic correctly. You have to consider when
deciding whether or not you should do something are the possible negative
outcomes that you wish to avoid. Not learning to skateboard because you’re
afraid you will fall and get bruised is not a good excuse. Not longboarding
down the side of a mountain because you have only been skating for 1 week is
completely understandable this is the only way to get more out of life: by straying
from our routines and living moments that we have never before lived. The most
important thing you can ask yourself is whether or not you’d be happy with the
life you lived and the way you lived it. Many people including my self make
excuses like I will get on it tomorrow. Il try that restaurant tomorrow, il
climb that mountain tomorrow. Tomorrow is not a promise. In fact each day that
you are alive increases the chance of today being your last day. Your living on
borrowed time and clock is running out. Life can be grand and it can be crap;
it all depends on whether or not you decide to live I life full of action or
full of stagnancy. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Wayne gretzy
once said you miss 100% of the shots you never take You only live once and once
is enough if do it right.

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