Looking and the decision is again characterized by

Looking at the
organization plan at it is right now, we think it is good at it is1. One of
the reason is because the teachers have control over their own areas. Therefor
we don’t see an idea in changing the organization plan, because we think that
how it is, will help EAL to reach their overall goal because, there are so many
international coordinators in the organization.


When we look at
organizational theory, we can see that according to Mintzberg organizational
theory2, EAL
goes under the term ‘Professional organization’, which contains highly trained
professionals who demand control of their own work, like the teachers does at
EAL. There’s a high degree of specialization and the decision making is
decentralized. As shown underneath, the organizational structure under
‘Professional organization’ from Mintzberg is like shown in enclosure number 23 .

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But also in an
organizational environmental theory4, we see
that EAL is an organic organization, because the teachers and employees work
together in the departments, and the decision is again characterized by being
decentralized as we see in the EAL organization plan, because there are so many
departments with their own form for decision making.


The EAL as an
organization is flat, which also support that the employees and teachers is
more active and they have more roles in the decision-making process. 


To make it possible
that EAL reach their overall goal, which is to attract more international
students and partners, they need to work on these competences.


At first, it’s
important that the marketing of EAL works. It’s very important that EAL has a
good reputation, otherwise possible partners will choose other schools as their
partner. But also for the new international students that they have to attract,
if EAL has a bad reputation, then they might choose another school or another