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Many people in this world find plenty of ways to learn new information that’s being taught. However, everyone has different techniques on how they intake information. When I sit back and start to think about what a learning style really means, it’s basically someone’s way of gaining knowledge. There are many different ways people could comprehend the information being given. Therefore, they are three main learning styles that describe myself and learning styles that help me understand information which is Visual, Auditory, and Tactile-Kinesthetic.Visual learning is something that you basically visualize in your mind. People always find it better just by visualizing it instead of hearing the information. When I am being taught new information I have to be able to paint the picture in the back of my mind. I won’t understand the information unless the work is sitting in front of me that way I could follow along with my instructor. Having the information period would just help me visualize a big picture of what we’re discussing that day.Another way that I also learn new information good is Auditory learning, which means someone who learns better through just listening. This often does happen to me because if someone in my class missed the lesson that day and they asked me what we’ve learned, I’d be able to explain. Auditory also fits me because I have a bad habit of allowing irrelevant things distract me while I’m trying to focus on my work.Tactile-Kinesthetic learning style is somewhat similar to visualize learning, but instead, this is where a person has to feel or touch the material. For example, say instructor brought in different tools that we’ll be using in the doctor’s office, I’d have to touch it because I just love feeling different materials.Overall, Visual learning style best describes me because as I stated in the second paragraph I have to be able to see the work in front of me and go along with the instructor. I can also say these three techniques haven’t changed since high school, but I am working on trying to find more techniques to help me learn.