Marriage either a peepal tree or a

Marriage is very pure and perfect known occasion. The two
horoscopes of both persons are matched. This is done to avoid the future
chaos.  Manglik and non-manglik marriage
is something much talked about.

Manglik dosh

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Mangal or Mars is the responsible planet behind it. They
agitate men and women. It is assumed that the arrangement of mars is called
mangal. There are 12 houses in all. But if its presence is seen in any of the
six houses, the situation becomes dosha. The respective person who suffers from
this is called Manglik. The dosha adversely affects the married life of an
individual. Obviously, the person would quest for Manglik dosha remedies.
As per the Indian astrology, the suffered person is compelled to marry either a
peepal tree or a banana tree. But sometimes the birth chart of a person is also
analyzed. It is done so that necessary remedial measures can be taken.

Manglik person’s behavior


It cannot be predetermined that the person will be
Manglik or not. It is checked by Indian astrologers before marriage.  They check the presence of mars in one’s
horoscope. It is done via Manglik dosha calculator. It checks the status
and also accords the true results. Even the astrological remedies can be
ascertained. Even the astrologers say that the signs of Manglik dosh are seen
in people via their behaviour. Manglik person’s nature changes slightly. They
become more arrogant. It is habitual for them to be fire-eyed. They get
indulged in arguments or fights. They insist to be dominating. Actually, they
possess a lot of energy which needs to be used appropriately. So is it safe to
marry a Manglik girl? Astrologers suggest people to marry in such case. The
non-Manglik boy should be ready to bear the results of Manglik girl’s behavior.
There have been many arguments regarding the Manglik person’s marriage age.
And so it differs person to person.

Remedies to be taken

Being brave and strong, rash and argumentative, proud and
passionate, demanding and lustful etc are some of the traits found in a Manglik
girl. It may become difficult to handle the situations as well. But if she
knows this, she can try to hold herself. She can control her emotions. But
nothing is permanent in this world. Mangal dosh is also temporary. But it
causes major damages and so it should be reduced as soon as possible. Necessary
measures should be taken for Manglik dosha cancellation.

If the girl is Manglik, she should marry peepal or banana
tree. She should start fasting on Tuesdays. She should definitely chant the
Navgraha mantra. It is better for her to recite Gayatri mantra for 108 times.
Even reciting Hanuman Chalisa helps a lot. Blade or cutter, food made of masoor
daal, wheat bread, and corals etc should be offered. Astrologers can even
suggest the person to a golden ring with a bright red coral the ring finger of
the right hand. But the horoscope should be studied properly before following it.

   So it is not a
matter of concern if you are a manglik girl. Take the help of an astrologer and
live a good life.