Media to see! Instead, post pictures that

Media is all around us in many forms, and we are constantly using these tools as a way to connect and communicate with a wider audience, more than you could think of. Twitter, instagram, snapchat, facebook, youtube, and so on.Everywhere, every time, and anytime, we tend to share our facts, opinions, experiences, and information at some point. Social media such as twitter and facebook makes us feel like we can be something greater than ourselves. It helps us create our own unique identity, share details and hobbies in a way to assist ourselves perceive who we are.Media is vital in our everyday daily lives and it is important to make sure that whatever you put on the internet, is to keep it professional. As media continues to rise and evolve, employers and work-related companies are starting to check more in depth of the backgrounds of possible recruits during the hiring process. It is important to keep everything and whatever goes online, to be professional and a good reputation of who you aspire to be.Here are some Do’s and Don’t while on the media. Perhaps take this in consideration next time you are online.-DON’T post inappropriate images in general. Don’t post any pictures you wouldn’t want your grandma or even the president to see! Instead, post pictures that are positive and inspiring to viewers. If it’s a profile picture, choose a picture that IS you and looks like YOU. Have a good expression whether it is smiling or smirking, just something that makes you approachable. Then be sure to have clothing on that represents what you would wear to work. Lastly, have a background that is not distracting. Like just a plain wall or even nature, NOT a background that has a red solo cup or something that is not pleasant or a background with many objects and thing going on. You know what they say, first impressions are important!-DON’T post overly opinionated content. Yes, your opinion matters but it’s better off to remain neutral especial if it comes to political and religious topics. Just be mindful of what you say on social media!-DON’T complain, especially about current or past work and employers. Think about it, would you want to hire someone who complains all of the time?-DON’T be offensive or say negative things. Posting anything negative or offensive tends to lead others to avoid and no one wants to be around that someone that is always killing the vibe.-DO guard and maintain a good reputation. Having a good reputation helps you gain so many things such as relationships and more opportunities.-DO use good language, and be POSITIVE! Be the best person you can be and you are in there.As you can see, it is not that hard to keep it professional on social media. If you just follow the simple do’s and don’t of being online, you’re on a the right track.And remember not to spend too much on social media. There’s a world out there, go explore and live it!