Menstrual helps to avoid skin irritation, Itching

Menstrual hygiene


Coming from a conservative family we girls in family were
never allowed to discuss out menstrual problem at home, though we have majority
of women in our family, we always used to whisper, It considered to be a shame
if we talk in front of any male family member, I was taught menstruation was
supposed to be kept in hidden or whispered, 
Menstrual hygiene day is an annual
awareness day each 28 May, Let us spread awareness together, Today
I feel proud to answer some of menstrual/periods related questions which I was
afraid to ask and we will also let you know some more products than sanitary

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1.     What
is periods or menstrual?


Between the age of 10 to 16 most of the girls
have bleeding, It is due to release of impure blood from your uterus, this is
call menarche or starting of menstruation, when it becomes periodical at
regular cycle of 25 to 35 days it is call menstruation, It is also known as


2.     During
menstruation time I get itching and foul smell, why?


Are you taking bath everyday during your
menstruation period? Are you using sanitary pads?

It is very important to take bath everyday
during menstruation, while taking bath clean your body and try to keep your
genitival area dry, you should also change pad more than twice a day, some may
have more bleeding and require to change napkin as soon as it gets wet. After
changing sanitary pad every time you have to wash your hand with soap and


3.     Can
we use Cloth of an old saree or any cotton soft cloth during this time?


The price of pads is not so high and also
easily available in various sizes, It helps to avoid skin irritation, Itching
and infection and foul smell. Healthy hygienic practice is to use pads.


4.     How
to dispose used pads?


Do not throw used pad anywhere outside the
house, there are chances of environmental pollution and deceases, You should
burn it, Nowadays schools are constructing adolescent girls friendly toilets
which consists of incinerator to burn used pads, Vending machines are also kept
for easy access of sanitary pads.


5.     What
is a panty liners?


Panty liners are very commonly used product in
USA but in India women hardly know about it, Panty liners are mini pads but
they much more thinner and soft then the usual pads which makes them much more
comfortable for frequent use.


6.     What
is the use of panty liners?


It can be useful for several purposes. Most
use of this is for virginal discharges, Indays like this you can just use panty
liners to avoid wetness and it is also helpful to prevent infection, It will
make you feel dry and much more comfortable, It is also useful in the beginning
and end of periods when the flow is really light and you do not want to use
heavy pad, few girls are also using when periods are near so if it pops up
unexpectedly, this can save you from the stain.

It is also useful for new moms for post
delivery light flow.


7.     What are
the alternatives of pads?



Yes, there are two other things rather than
pad you can use during your menstrual time,


1.     Tampons


you must have heard about it many time but never used it, It is
basically a sponge type of thing which is inserted in Virginia to absorb the
menstrual blood, the advantage of using tampons are you won’t feel them at all.
You can swim, run, jump do any physical moment you like, you won’t get any wet
feeling also,

In short a tampon gives you moment of freedom in your period’s days. The
drawback is you cannot use it overnight.


2.     Menstrual


This are not known to many women in India but widely famous in abroad, it
has to inserted inside of Virginia, It catches blood, after 12 hours all you
have to do is just take it out empty the cup and it can be useful more than
once so it is economical, You can find the all usage manual which comes with
this cups.

Caution: It is always preferable to consult doctor before you try it.


8.     What
are the other women hygiene products?


1.     Virginal
washes :

Some gynecologist says you should use virginal washes while other says
you should not, I still do not advice frequent use of it, you can try wipes
instead which are dermatological tested to clean the area in menstrual time
specially when you are travelling.


2.     Toilet
seat spray

In India it is very difficult to find clean public toilet and most of
the times you have to force yourself to use dirty toilet, This product comes in
very compact and handy so it’s easy to carry anywhere, you just have to spray
it on the toilet seat and it will give gums free safe toilet seat. Especially
when you are travelling by road, Train or bus, even it is very useful in toilets
like malls, Airports, theaters where the same toilet is used by multiple people
and hence the chances of infection is more, It is very economical as well, come
in your budget too.


3.     Pee Buddy


Most of the Women don’t
use dirty toilets. They hold their pee until they don’t find a clean washroom
that can lead them to many decreases; Pee Buddy is disposable portable female
urination device for women. It gives a freedom to stand and pee,it is not only
useful for avoiding contact with public toilets but can be useful for pregnant
women or women with arthritis.





I tend to help as many as girls I can by this
blog, If you have any suggestion rather then this or anything you wish to share
or ask, Kindly write in comment section below.