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Mrs. JohannesenPeriod 9January 18, 2018The OlympicsDo you wanna know what dangerous Olympic things they did in ancient greece?Rules, Things, Dangerous Olympic stunts.In ancient greece there were olympics, rules, and violence.There were olympics in ancient greece.In ancient greece began in the year 776 bc in in the year 1896 in peloponnese in greece about 3,000 years ago. There were trophy made of stone, iron, bronze, or lead and it was shaped like a flying saucer. A bronze tripods were found in the olympia some of which the 9th century BC. The standard hoplite armor weighed about 50-60, Sizes varied boy’s division was not expected the same weight. But instead of boxing gloves ancient boxers wrapped some leather thongs around their hands and wrist and left their fingers free for punching for a more violent. The sport competitions were organized at olympia they were named after the location hence which was named olympic games. As the winner received a red woollen ribbon and a crown the taenia. If athletes won they were heros and there townhomes were on the map.For boxing or wrestling they choose players randomly they didn’t even weigh them. The necessary thing to do for winning a wrestling match is 3 throws to the ground and its an automatic win. Punches were allowed but fighters did not cover their hands with boxing gloves he had to use leather tongs. The ancient greeks considered rhythm and precision athlete throwing and most important is the strength to jump high. Like morden sports, an athlete need to throw the opponent to the ground landing hip, shoulder, or back and that will be a fair fall and landing on all of those body part will still be an fair fall if they land on their body parts they might not get back up again.Biting your opponent was not allowed, even  genital holding was illegal. Attacks such as breaking your opponents finger were still also allowed. There were 2-4 sated race by athletes in armor that weighed about 50-60 lbs for just riding a simple horse. For riding you have to ride 6 laps around traps 4.5 miles they separated races to. But if you win the race of riding a horse 4.5 miles the fastest you will get your own personal horse for yourself. They will award you with a crown trophy and other things to, including the horse.Conclusion:There were olympics events in ancient greece. Works Cited”Ancient Olympics Events.” Ancient Sports: Pentathlon, Perseus,”The Penn Museum.” Penn Museum, Penn Museum, 2018,”Primary History – Ancient Greeks – The Olympic Games.” BBC, BBC, 2014,