Mt. plate which is unique. Normally volcanoes

Mt. Kilauea is Hawaii’s most active volcano. It is 4,190 ft above sea level, it’s area is 552 mi*2, and has a volume of 6,000 to 8,500 mi*3 which is about 13.7% of Hawaii. Mt Kilauea is located 19.425 N and 155.292 W and is a cinder cone volcano. According to; It is located close to the middle of the pacific plate which is unique. Normally volcanoes are right on top of a plate boundary, like the ring of fire. The ring of fire volcanoes are formed due to subduction zones of three main active tectonic plates named the Eurasian Plate, Pacific Plate, and the Indo-Australian Plate. The Hawaiian volcanoes and islands are formed differently though.     They are formed by the Hawaiian Hot Spot In the middle of the pacific plate. A hotspot is a pocket deep under ground full of hot gasses and magma. The hot gasses want to escape and so does the magma so as it comes up it creates pillow rock. Over time it makes a bulge underwater called the Hawaiian bulge. As the magma builds up and cools off continuously it creates islands but because the pacific tectonic plates moving north west. The islands sort of fall off the bulge and seem to shrink. But really there just sinking off the bulge. Which means the oldest Hawaiian islands are southwest of the Hawaiian hotspot, and the youngest  volcanoes are north east like Mt. Kilauea.     Some instruments used to study Mt. Kilauea include;(seismometers and seismographs), instruments that measure ground deformation (EDM, Leveling, GPS, tilt), instruments that detect and measure volcanic gases (COSPEC), instruments that determine how much lava is moving underground (VLF, EM-31), video and still cameras, infrared cameras, satellite imagers,and webcams. According to;     There are many land features formed from Mt.Kilauea like lava lakes, hot springs, islands, and calderas. Really Mt.Kilauea has really added a lot to Hawaii’s landscape and gives scientists more reasons to visit Hawaii’s most active volcano, Mt.Kilauea! But some day In the long future Hawaii island won’t even be an island because it will just sink off the Hawaiian bulge and just become another forgotten sea mound. The fates of the Hawaiian islands are already set a new one is created with new volcanoes and old islands sink off the Hawaiian bulge.     The Hawaiian islands, Mt.Kilauea, and the Hawaiian hotspot is one of the most interesting life cycles in the world. The Hawaiian hotspot creates new islands and volcanoes but also destroys old ones. And volcanoes become dormant as they move away from there life source the Hawaiian hotspot. In fact a new volcano is already coming to the surface rapidly while Hawaii’s oldest island falls of the bulge. Life cycles are everywhere and for everything and everyone, something is created but something must also be destroyed. This is the constant cycle that we and everything else goes through, even Volcanoes.