Muhammad a crossword puzzle or play a game.

Muhammad SaeedScience News                                                                                              January 17, 2018 In the recent article Everyday Mysteries: Why songs get stuck in our heads by Science Friday, adapted by Newsela staff it talks about why some songs get stuck in our head.  Basically, a song stuck in your head is called an earworm which is a song that plays on repeat in a loop inside of your head. According to scientist Elizabeth Margulis “an earworm is usually a small part of a song that “just plays and replays like it’s stuck on loop in your head.” For example songs such as What Does The Fox Say are known to cause earworms. However earworms are extremely common with 9 out of 10 people in a survey saying that they had an earworm at least a week. Although they are common earworms just happen unexpectedly and as a result it is almost impossible for scientists to study them. The information that they have collected come from surveys and diary studies in which the scientists record their own experiences. Scientists think that earworms have something to do with how music affects the brain. When one is listening to the certain song they are sort of participating in their heads such as picturing themselves singing or dancing. Repetitive listening can also cause earworms. A lot of the time we listen to music we have already listened to and then we get memory and we know what is going to happen next therefore we get an earworm. But, earworms can be annoying and a lot of us don’t want them and there are ways to get rid of them. One of the ways is to distract yourself. Do a crossword puzzle or play a game. Or you could listen to the entire song which might get rid of it because since earworms are only bits listening to the whole song could make someone forget about it. This article is relevant to me because I like listening to music and I get songs stuck in my head all of the time. This article gave me information on why they get stuck in our heads which is because of this thing called an earworm. When one listens to a song the brain sort of participates and pictures the person interacting with the song and a certain part of the song gets stuck in one’s head. Songs such as What Does The Fox Say? cause earworms because of one catchy part which a lot of other songs do too. The article also gave me information on how to get rid of an earworm. The best thing to do is to distract yourself or to listen to the whole song so you don’t just remember one part. On music sharing websites such as Spotify on very catchy songs there should be an indicator just so one knows that the song is very catchy and might not get an earworm. All in all music is great but sometimes songs get stuck in your head. It is important to know why and how to stop them and this article gave me all of that information.Link To Article