My bad accident and his leg had to

My parents have always been my role models, and have tremendously
influenced my choices. My fathers a research scientist in India, while my
mother is Deputy General Manager for a large internet provider company in
India. Growing up I got the mix of both the worlds Science and Commerce. I
understood what it takes to excel in each of those fields and the impact each
of those fields has on humanity. One instance that influenced me a lot was a
conversation I had with my dad as I just entered my undergraduate degree. When
I asked him why he spends so many hours in the lab. He gave a blue Tupperware
bottle and said the following- “work is the only thing that will stay long
after you’re gone. You don’t have to be Einstein, Gandhi or someone big to
bring about change. Take this bottle for example. 1000s of years ago people
found it difficult to fill water from rivers, hence someone else discovered
making a container out of leaves, but wasn’t durable, someone else discovered
that wet mud in the sun turns into clay, hence from clay to pot, yet not
durable, someone else discovered plastic, someone thought of making plastic as
a container, someone else designed its shape, someone else made it transparent,
someone else discovered the cap, someone else the thread and today we have
thousands of people working in a company just for that one bottle. Since 1000s
of years, people have worked, just for that one bottle in my hand. Maybe we
don’t acknowledge that the work is here long after we are gone. Looking around
you can feel, we are standing and sitting in a museum of human work”. His words
still echo in my ear and made me realize the importance of work.

There are few other instances which made the person I am today. My
long-term table tennis partner passed away in an accident when I was 19 and a
friend of mine had a bad accident and his leg had to be amputated at the age of
17. I felt agony their families went through after the aftermath was
inconsolable. Made me realize that life is really precious and we need to find
ways to stop unnatural deaths. Taking up research in controls and applying Artificial
intelligence would give me a chance to do that. Even though a lot of work has
been done in this field, there is always a chance to rethink on few of the
already solved issues or solve new issues. I believe it is a small opportunity
I have to give back something to the society.

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