My Bachelors program with vision of coming up

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with somepassion, some compassion, some humor and some style. This has been the guidingprinciples of my life.I believe that every human being has been put on this earth for a purpose other thanmere existence, I joined the Bachelors program with vision of coming up with newinnovative ideas through sharing. I have tried to extract the most by getting involvedin various technical presentations, industrial training programs and informaldiscussions that allowed me to develop a broad base of my subjects and explorebeyond the syllabus. This was one of the factors that gave me an edge over mypeers. I have realized that if I were to realize my true potential it is imperative that Istrengthen my foundation in an academic environment where there is a closeconfluence between the academic and research realm, so that I can analyze theknowledge accrued from my own intellectual perspective, and make a career as aresearcher.I chose to pursue my undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering in theprestigious institute, KLS’s Gogte Institute of Technology. Over the past four yearsmy undergraduate institution has provided a competitive and stimulating environmentwhich has fostered my interest in learning the sciences, starting from the basicprinciples of Mathematics and Physics to understanding core subjects such asComputer Integrated Manufacturing/ Computer Aided Manufacturing, Theory ofMachines, Machine Design, ______________________,___________________________,________________________and____________________.. Along with these subjects, a comprehensible pattern wasdesigned for practical knowledge. As part of my interest, I have designed twoprojects, “________________________________________________” and”______________________________________________”, executed in the finalyear of study. These projects helped me gain immense practical knowledge. Overall,the college curriculum provided me a strong foundation of the underlying principlesof Mechanical Engineering.I had been involved in a project where I collaborated with 25 other members todesing, fabricate and validate a formula style, single seated racing car. We as ateam had to work tirelessly to build the vehicle and I was involved in designing thebreak system of the car. My fascination towards the field of Industrial Engineeringgrew deeper during my first internship at Automotive Axels Limited. I acquired goodcommand on different manufacturing processes used in constructing an axle and thismade me push the limits of my knowledge gained during classroom sessions. Mydiligence aided me to assist my supervison on a Six Sigma Project “Reducing thenumber of iterations for spacers used in pinion cage assembly in axle”, My motivewas to to idintif the rook cause for the iterations used in spacer insertion andimplement quality control strategies for the same. I also validated Monte Carlomethod by re-analysing the dimensions of 3- pinion cage assembly components. Indue course I also was introduced to othere continuous improvement activities likeKaizen, 5S and lean manufacturing. It was delightful to gain valuable exposureregarding th e best practices used in the large manufacturing industries.The thrill of unraveling a vexing problem or that of coming across a valuable piece ofinformation, that puts all my doubts in perspective, gives me a sense of immensepleasure and contentment. It has been my constant endeavor to surmount all thevaried difficulties and hurdles that plague the industrial sector today. I am primarilydriven by the innate need to transcend the challenges and complexities faced in theindustries, which makes me all the more inquisitive to get to the bottom of them. TheMasters degree in Industrial _____________Engineering which I wish to pursue is asure step towards the realization of my goals.Each one of us has his career objectives clear in mind while entering into a graduateschool. The juggernaut of technology has invaded all spheres of life. WithTechnology and Engineering taking the management world by storm, the paradigmhas shifted to technically savvy managers. The boundless opportunity for_______________ to steer tomorrow’s corporate world has made my choice ofindustrial and production Engineering a natural one.My past work in the area of __________ and _____________ was characterized bya dichotomy of approaches. The courses that I took in this area dealt with variousoperational and tactical issues. The basic aim was to understand a specific problem,model the problem appropriately and find an optimal or reasonably optimal solutionusing the techniques of _____________. This has given me a good background inissues related to methodology, modeling, and heuristic solutions.Over the years I have seen both technical and managerial fronts of a business andhave learnt for any business to be successful an individual should have anamalgamation of both. This has led me to have an aspiration to pursue the course ofMaster of Science in ______________________________________________.I know that I would like to return to this enterprise, bringing to it the innovations andstrategies necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing global economy. This is the longterm, the future I envision for myself.Ever since my childhood I displayed a natural aptitude for technical subjects. I wasone of the select five percent of the students in my class to have been offered themuch coveted LEAD. Being a LEAD member gave me a gamut of opportunitieswhere in I was involved into activities like the “LEAD PRAYANA” a fortnightleadership journey organized by the Deshpande foundation, this selection process isa done through a screening session and I happened to be one among the 120participants. The selection process is a rigorous one. I pride myself as one of thecoveted members of LEAD and hence took this as an opportunity and involvedmyself into a number of activities like the_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.What swayed my decision to go in for________________________________________ engineering was, that I alsoprofessed a special interest in ______________________ and therefore____________________ and _____________________ seemed the perfectamalgamation of both (though I did not know that was precisely what it was called atthat time) and therefore wanted to specialize in a field that dealt with so and itsapplications.As far academics go, I have been highly appreciative of all United States of Americastands for. Its insistence on quality by providing students a conducive environmentthat not only allows them to grow as individuals, but also make a positive contributionin their chosen field of study. I believe _________________ University, will providethe ideal combination of a structured syllabus combined with a flexible approach thatwill allow me not only to develop a strong knowledge base but give me anopportunity to push my abilities to the limit. My choice of_________________________ university is very deliberate and meticulous one.This has come about by extensive and exhaustive scrutiny of scads of universities.This is an instiution I find most befitting for its apt program structure. The researchcarried outby____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, I wouldbe privileged to learn and give my best if I am allowed to associate myself with theresearch work carried out by professors. I am sure I will proved myself worthy ofconfidence you place in me.In specifics, the highly relevant course contents with subjects like___________________________,_____________________,__________________________,__________________ and ___________________________ have beena major point of attraction. However, the most important factor influencing mydecision has always been the state of the art facilities like the Laboratories. I wouldconsider it to be my privilege, and give my best, if I may be allowed to associatemyself with the research work, even in a minor capacity.My immediate goal is to create a solid foundation from which I can move on to therealization of my larger goals. Ten years down the line, I see myself working with ateam of equally dedicated and brilliant professionals in doing cutting edgedevelopmental work in my field of study.The fruition of my dreams is largely dependent upon the confidence you bestowupon me and in doing so consider my application favorably to your University. Ipromise to strive hard and uphold the high values and standards set by youresteemed institution.