Neo hard work is one’s mentality. Our minds

Neo Li Yuan                                                                                                                     19/01/2018308Ms Allison I-Shan WuThis I Believe- Mind Over MatterWhenever we feel like giving up, what is it that keeps us going? What is it that helps our body function and work the way it does? It is the control tower of our bodies- our brains, or in this case, our minds.I am an athlete and the sport that I am very passionate about is Judo. You may think that it’s cool, but in actual fact, Judo is extremely tough. It takes hours of trainings to build your strength and stamina, and to get that perfect form for throwing. No matter how hard I train, there is always something lacking. I have trainings every single week, no matter the occasion or weather. I turn up and train to our ‘death’. It’s not uncommon to think ‘why did I even come?’ or ‘I think I’m going to die’. These thoughts cross my mind umpteen times every training and I’m sure my teammates share these sentiments. But when we feel like giving up, when we feel so out of breath, and when we think we’ve reached our limits, what is it that keeps us going? The answer is: our minds.I think the only thing that can triumph over hard work is one’s mentality. Our minds will bring us places and it is our mentality that would give us the very last push we need. Desire and belief. The two most important things that we need. A desire to win, and a belief that we can. These things are all set in our minds and we are the only ones that can control it.Exactly to what extent does our mentality control us? When I was in Secondary two, I took part in my first National School Games. I was extremely excited and nervous because I had been training so hard just for these few fleeting moments. I was a rather promising player and my goal was to win. I was so confident that i could do it but yet, in my first bout on those mats, I lost. I cried for the whole day. I was so disappointed in myself. To make matters worse, all my other teammates won gold and silver medals, and it was the first time that we won the championship title with a 5-0 landslide victory. I felt worthless. I didn’t contribute to the win. How dare I say that I’m part of the team?After this incident, I thought long and hard. Physically, I was ready for the competition but mentally, I wasn’t. I didn’t spend time to get into the right frame of mind and I thought it was going to be easy. That was the very reason for my downfall. This is the power of our minds and mentality. Our minds can change everything. Whatever we do, good or bad, our minds control. Thus, I strongly believe that mind is over matter.(480 words)