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ni Analysis Don Giovanni the man different from Don Giovanni the opera the man has materialized many writings which try evaluate his characteristics plays operas while Don Giovanni the opera special opera with music Mozart and Ponte Not all the opera writings encompass every Giovanni trait For instance Kerman maintains that there need reading attending Don Juan plays order understand Don Giovanni insists that Don Juan needs Don Giovanni much more that Don Giovanni needs him This because Don Giovanni already well circumscribed the Mozart music and Ponte work Kerman think that wrong judge Don Juan description based his reliance Don Giovanni This because any added information twist character Giovanni created Mozart would dilute his personality believe fair enough acknowledge the work done Don Juan matter his reliance Don Giovanni character The first scene Don Giovanni portrays uninterrupted scene sexual assault clear that Giovanni the opera changes character from persuading his way through circumstances forcing his way through situations This was very courageous from Don Giovanni and Mozart portray such character considering such scenes seduction and rape were not allowed deploys the secret all the greatest lovers giving every woman the supreme experience cheerfulness This portrays the Giovanni honest believe the sincerity portrayed was not self-expression During those eras sincerity was viewed form similarity between affirmation and real emotions think that sincere person does not need consistent with his her deeds she needs trust whatever she says does during the performance deed utterance speech the opera Don Giovanni Mozart and Ponte seem adopt the system Casanova and ignore Laclos system Don Giovanni damnation seemed sure due the high and heavy opening musical tones the overture However most cases there was surety whether don Giovanni sincerity sincere not peasant girl Zerlina meets with Giovanni her way the weeding Don Giovanni tells her she deserves better things and promises marry her Kerman not think Don Giovanni was serious when said would marry her This because Don Giovanni known say anything get whatever wants Donna Elvira portrayed broken woman and eager show the monster side Don Giovanni When she appears Zerlina conversation with Don Giovanni cut short think very surprising that Donna Elvira viewed broken person while Don Giovanni viewed normal society member Nevertheless the play Zerlina somehow believes that Don Giovanni have strong feelings towards her Herwitz and Goehr opinion not hard see why Zerlina trusts him very seductive passionate and convincing when conversing with women Joseph Kerman the musicologist shows why the thinkers and theorist the nineteenth century projected their fear and horrors onto the opera portrayed Giovanni emptiness feel that this explained depicted what Kerman believed common flaw the work According Kerman the flaws were compounded Fonte who admired Don Giovanni and Mozart work such that did very little alter Giovanni character especially where music was involved Nonetheless think this was not mistake understanding Mozart formulated this idea order strengthen the opera There are two ways which Mozart and Ponte view and present Don Giovanni seductive personality These ways present them people with contradicting views opinion Kerman described them people contradicting views because they created Don Giovanni character seducer but the same time they create him rapist and also killer the other hand they are presented re