“Ninety-Five Luther that the Bible, not the Pope,

“Ninety-Five Theses.”
Most people would not consider this simple string of words to have been able to
trigger a line of wars, bloody massacre, and a firestorm of political struggle.
But to anyone who studied history knows, it is an echo of something that will
never be forgotten, thanks to one German-born Augustinian monk by the name of
Martin Luther, the writing, printing, and spreading of his “Ninety-Five Theses”
caused a chain-reaction of conflict that has had influencing effects on
history, and the world we know today.

Reformation was a long, complicated cataclysm of events that eventually split
the Catholic Church from sixteenth-century Europe, causing political, cultural,
and most importantly religious unrests throughout the populations of the
Renaissance world. It is to be believed by historians that the Reformation
started in 1517 with the publishing of Martin Luther’s “Ninety-Five Theses”
which was a prosecution to the sales of Indulgences made by the Catholic church
and a topic statement made by Luther that the Bible, not the Pope, was the only
means to determine God’s word, these theses caused the population of Germany,
both nobility and peasants, to raise eyebrows at the Catholic Church and their
silence at the accusations. From there a line of reformers such as; John Calvin
and King Henry VIII, began condemning the actions and procedures of the
Catholic Church. Following Luther’s start to the Protestant Reformation, many
other countries decided to take action too, including England, Germany and Switzerland.
From there more and more religions started to be founded, with Lutheranism and
Calvinism to be an example, with the start of new religious views and outspoken
reformers, uprisings and revolts of citizens who had feelings of oppression
followed, and soon wars broke out all over countless European states and the
struggle between the Catholic Church and the people continued. Eventually the
Catholic Church, though slow to respond, eventually fought back against the
Protestants, they worked to fight the reformers and eventually after struggling
for decades the Roman Catholic Church became just one of the many denominations
of religions, and with a start, began a new era of history.

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positive and negative views and opinions of the Reformation vary widely between
each person, but the certainties are that the Reformation had lasting impacts
that changed the world and began a new modern era with the ending of the
Reformation. The first is the social changes the Reformation brought to the
world, marriage is not as sought after, divorce is made obtainable and is not
uncommon at all, lack of celibacy, the morals of abstinence the Catholic Church
brought upon is all but forgotten, and the development and spreading of
education made available to all. With the development of more religions and
more freedom of expression has caused many different forms of cultural thriving,
with the creations of many different forms of art, music, and lifestyle. Also,
the people of the modern era now have the political freedom to express their
personal religion without repercussions of the past. As well as from a
historical standpoint, American history was impacted because of the outspoken
reformers who originated religions, which were brought over with the Pilgrims and
shaped the way America was formed for future eras to come.