No the objectivity of life, without which

No one is born in this world without a
purpose. The sheer reality of coming into existence to fulfill a specific
impetus is what pumps the objectivity of life, without which everything would
be meaningless. Just like every limb in our body, every person or object on
this planet is intended to play a peculiar role in a capacity that knits different
communities into one single society. Purpose is what defines a subject and without
which anything or anyone is as good as dead. Even every object ever founded or
invented in the history of human society was to fulfill a particular cause. The
phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, is rightly justified if we look
throughout the history of human race. For instance, the invention of wheel was
nothing less than a revolution and an act that significantly impacted the human
civilization and not just in the older times, but it continues to play its part
in the society today. The very recent development of internet was an attempt to
promote cultural integration, bring the general public on one page and spread
awareness amongst the uninformed part of the population. Human beings, in the
same way, are destined to impact their surroundings even if it is in the
slightest way possible.

It is vital to understand the significance
of having a purpose in life and even more important is to believe in having
one. To consider something or someone having absurd presence makes no sense to
in the surroundings one inhibits. Constructively, if we look at the human
society and its basis, we will come across the smaller structures that we call
families. Families consists of members and each individual have a specific
function that the subject must perform to preserve the structure and in turn
strengthen the community as a whole. Just as a man is considered to be the
breadwinner in a family, a woman is entrusted to manage and ensure the
wellbeing of other members of the household creating a sound structure for a
sustainable future. Similarly, children are most often seen as the future of
the group and ones to carry the lineage through into the times to come. Different
families then come together and form societies in which each unit plays its own
important role and thus it can be seen that the whole idea of everything having
or must have a purpose in life is embedded in the conduct of our own

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Just like everybody else, I believe that I
have a purpose in life that I must fulfill. But the most difficult part for any
individual in this day and age is to identify the objective one is born with.
Some of us wants to lead, others might want to follow in someone else’s
footsteps. There are billions of people around the globe and each having their
own idea of life and its purpose. Born in Karachi, the largest metropolitan city
of Pakistan (one of the most politically fragile states), I have always wanted
and dreamt of leading my country through the various problems it faces at the
moment and be the one to bring about a change that our nation has longed for.
But as heroic as it may sound, is not easy. In the last 70 years, Pakistan have
observed an extremely volatile political situation which has been the result of
a power struggle between the so-called democratic and armed forces
(establishment). For a person like me, being without any sound political
background, had me in a serious doubt about what I really wanted to achieve in
my life. But then I realized that leading doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a
politician or a military general, it’s in those small moments that you can really
make a big difference and set up examples for others to follow. Be it helping
someone cross the road to being positive at all times no matter how hard the
situation is. But I knew I had to make a decision to make it big and
considering the situation of the financial industry in our country and my
qualification, I realized that the banking industry was something I was fit for
and to join an institute that can provide me with a platform to utilize my
skills and allow me to lead the financial organization, would be the most
suitable path for me to fulfill my career goals and that was the point when I
decided to apply for the coveted Management Trainee Program at the Habib
Metropolitan Bank and have not looked back ever since. Having joined the bank
just 4 months ago, the program has already exceeded my expectations and is
definitely what it is promoted as and that is to produce leaders for tomorrow.