Norman is significant to the current society

Kingsley Mailer was an American novelist, journalist, essayist, playwright,
film-maker, actor, and political activist. He wrote, “The White Negro:
Superficial Reflections on the Hipster” that was first published in 1957
issue of Dissent (Dissent Magazine). His essay “The White Negro”
records the emerging and unexpected behavior of the white people appropriating
the black culture, especially with regard to the jazz musical genre. These
subjects of discussion (White Negros) chose to distance themselves from the
vast and conformist white society and adopted much of the black American
culture. For instance, they adopted the black styles of clothing, music,
language, and philosophy. His writings thus point to the issue of cultural
integration and how people can positively embrace their diversity. This study
will explore how the White Negro essay by Mailer is significant to the current
society and how cultural appropriation is nowadays coming across to many as an
extremely disrespectful act.  


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White Negro essay by Norman Mailer recorded various white people who like swing
and jazz music between 1920s and 1950s. It focused on the white people who
liked jazz and swing music and were disenthralled with what they considered a
conformist culture. These white people adopted the white culture as their own
because they felt they identified a lot with the black culture. Mailer
considers the hipster as a rebel who is confronting the other people as much as
his own kind. The hipster is neglectful to others, despises social norms, and
his only concern is his own desires. Mailer describes a new example of marginal
behavior which was adopted by his contemporaries. The White Negro essay is
significant in tracing the development of the concept of hipster which is used
widely by the media today.

White Negro details the American Existentialist, the hipster, the man who is
aware that if the people’s collective condition to live with the death of the
war, slow death by conformity with rebellious and creative instincts, or quick
death by the state, why is the only answer to life is to accept the death terms
as they come, to separate oneself from the society, to live with the immediate
danger of death, and to live without roots. Why then would people set out the journey
without into rebellious imperatives to self? The significance of this part of
the essay is that whether human race lives in a life considered criminal or
not, the decision people should make is to encourage the uniqueness and
psychopath in them besides exploring the domain of experience where security is
boredom. Therefore, human beings can live in the present without the future or
the past, planned or memory intention, the life where people can live without
giving up until they are beaten. The essay encourages the people to gamble with
their energies through minor as well as serious crises of courage and
unforeseen circumstances in life which beset their day. 

essay details how individuals in society struggle to establish a cultural
identity. Mailer notes that the hipster was part of a certain society that he
realized he could not belong to any more, whereas the Negro of