One exciting. Knowing that, I borrowed it with

One of the books that I have recently finished reading is called “Steven Universe: Volume 2” made by Ross Richie. This fantasy comic book is about Steven, the main character, who decides to start a garage sale with his dad’s old and unused items. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well. The idea of a garage sale came to life after Steven mentioned it to Connie, his friend, in order to raise money and use it to replace their old library which an unusually large slug destroyed. When Pearl, a friend and teammate of Steven, witnesses the enormous amount of junk lying around the garage, she becomes sick and digests all the junk in her mind so no one will have to see the mess Steven created. The main characters of this book are Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, and Connie with the first four being in a team called the “Crystal Gems.” ┬áThe most important event of this book is when Pearl transfers all of the things being sold in the garage sale in her mind because that is when the action starts.I usually watch Steven Universe on T.V, so witnessing the book’s presence on my local bookshelf was exciting. Knowing that, I borrowed it with ease. At first, I predicted this book to be about the Crystal Gems saving one of their teammates against a very chilling monster that will attack anyone associated with that team at any risk. I thought this was what the book was about, as this is what most of the Steven Universe television episodes are like. Although, I wasn’t certain about that prediction either because there are episodes where that’s not what’s occurring. Of course, as I was reading, my mind was filled with doubt with this book being in a fantasy setting with mystical characters. One of my questions is why Pearl got sick when there was a clutter of junk. I thought of this question in my head because in the book, Steven said that the Crystal Gems only get sick when their gem, which is what makes them part of the Crystal Gems and is connected to them, is cracked. This could just be another way only Pearl can get sick and a way that no other gem can. I think there is an answer somewhere that I can look into to prevent me from asking that same question. Another question that I had in mind during the process of my reading was how Steven and Garnett entered inside Pearl’s brain. This left me wondering how this all worked because in reality, it is impossible to enter inside someone’s brain physically which means there must be a fantasy science behind that ability. The last question of several others is how Connie had a book with a crystal gem on it. This was something unexpected to see because Connie is not part of the Crystal Gems, so it’s hard to understand how she managed to end up with a book like that. I predict that the book is just a normal book and the cover artist decided to integrate a randomly discovered gem into the book. Clearly, I have came up with several questions, but I also made text-to-self connections along the way. This book reminded me about how I once was looking forward to creating my own museum as a kindergartener when Steven was planning on creating a garage sale to invest on his own library with Connie. I made that connection as well as another one I made when Garnet and Steven enter inside Pearls brain which related to how I imagine the inside of my brain when my brain is projecting a dream.My expectations for this book is that the story will be as fun to read as it is while watching it on my favourite television channel. I also expected the book to feature all the characters in the original show so it feels like it’s the real Steven Universe. Overall, this book is just like the show which makes it just as fun and exciting to read as it is to watch. This book, like the other books and television shows in the series, mostly presented humour with around 35% and sometimes 12% of the whole episode being packed with dozens of action. For that reason, I will give this book a good score which is 8 out of 10. It may seem like a lenient rating, although there is a good reason for such a rating. That reason is because of the unique characters that are presented in this story which is what is so creative about it. Also, the art looks beautiful in comparison with new shows being visually unappealing. In my opinion, I would recommend this book to people in love with fantasy worlds and creatures that are out of the ordinary. Let’s not forget about the people who are big fans of the series on T.V. Other books that I have read don’t require a comparison for me to say that this book definitely would be in my top 5 favourites. That is all there is to say about this great book, thank you for reading this response.