One today’s society is deciding when a

One of the many complex questions in today’s society is deciding when a fetus is considered a human being. This is a very controversial topic and needs to be spoken about publically, especially in regards to abortion rights. If the fetus is a human at the time of conception, it would prove immorality behind the act of abortion. Some people believe that a fetus is not alive until a certain level of cognitive ability, which has gained much support resulting, in abortion being widely accessible and endorsed in our modern society. In order to determine whether or not a fetus is alive at conception, we will discuss the medical, religious and legal arguments behind life and when it begins. Physicians are still divided on this issue. On one hand, an unborn fetus is alive while on the other hand it is not alive until it can think. The unborn have human DNA and blood types. During development, the unborn never go from “non-human” to human. Medical reasons such as impending miscarriages, birth defects, and a danger to a woman’s health are why doctors recommend abortion. But how does a person who pledges to be a healer turn their back and become an executioner? Abortion doctors mention the struggle and horror of having to kill a fetus but still continue to perform abortions.. An abortionist named Susan Robinson says how other doctors view abortionists as “the lowest of the low” and also mentions that abortionists are not respected, but made to feel irrelevant. A retired abortionist, Donald A. Rose shares his experience with other women who wanted to have abortions for reasons that were convincing for him until he performed one. “Once I tore perfectly formed upper and lower extremities from the fetus’s torso in the uterus… I’d been killing babies for the convenience of the parents. I made a 180 degree turn and have discontinued doing abortions.” Many doctors just like Dr.Rose have discontinued due to the lack of respect and prestige with ever-increasing science backing pro-life principles. Fewer and fewer medical students are learning how to perform abortions. From a religious viewpoint, the Pope John Paul the II’s Encyclical states, “You shall not kill a child by abortion nor shall you kill it once it is born”. He also mentions that women who have already gone through abortion can give themselves over with humility and trust to repentance. People seeking abortion should not to give in to discouragement but to understand and face their situation honestly. The Catholic Church has always believed that abortion is a grave evil. The current Pope Francis believes that the unborn are sacred and should be protected. However, he thinks that priests should absolve women who confess the sin of abortion if they seek forgiveness with a contrite heart. However Major religious groups positions on abortion vary. In Buddhism, if the unborn child is retarded or can cause serious problems for the family, then abortion is an exception. In Hinduism, the Atharva Veda describes abortionists as the greatest of sinners. Gandhi quotes, “It seems to me clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.”. In Islam, the teachings are that life starts when conception occurs and is therefore sacred. Lastly in Judaism, Maimonides who was a 12 century interpreter said that anyone who is a descendant of Noah and kills a human being, even a fetus, is to be put to death. In my Baptist religion, our views on abortion are the same as those of Catholics. My family believes that the gift of life is sacred and should not be terminated through any circumstance. Legally, the law seems to inconsistent, ambiguous, and contradictory. If a person were to kill a pregnant woman, he would be charged with 2nd degree murder. However, if a woman were to have an abortion, she would not be charged with murder. A perfect example of this is the Scott Peterson case. In 2004, Scott Peterson was charged with first degree murder for killing his pregnant wife then later charged with 2nd degree murder for killing her unborn child. Ro