Our some people are still saying that it

Our school system must be reformed completelyIn the last few years the world has changed rapidly. With these changes also our life has changed. School is the place where young people should be prepared for life and it has seen many reforms in the recent years, but some people are still saying that it does not satisfy the needs of the time. They say that our school system has to be reformed completely. First and foremost, I think that it is not reasonable to ask for a complete reform of our school system. Our school system has a long history which has undergone a lot of changes. The students, teachers etc. got used to it by time and you can not change it from one day to the other, because it would end in a big chaos. School has to be reformed slowly, step by step. My grandmother’s days at school were completely different from my one. The teachers hit the students physically etc., while today students are treated respectfully. How you can see in the example, also very big changes will come sooner or later.Furthermore it must be said that it is easy to find weak points of our school system, but which is the best solution to make school better? Everyone has a different opinion and idea, about what the perfect school should be like. Moreover it must be considered that our school system is not only about students, but also about people who work there, like teachers, which can not lose their jobs frome one day to the other.Some people maintain that school is changing too slowly and that most of the reforms are almost meaningless and make no sense. They think that the students will not be able to cope with their future work life and demand complete reforms, so that their future would be saved. In my eyes these people do not take account of the social, political and economical conditions we live in.All in all I think our school system should be open to new ideas and reforms, but also be allowed to develop by time.