P1: and their skills. For example, Tesco’s may

P1: Explain how a
large business recruits and selects giving reasons for their processes.

Vacancies exists to give opportunities for people to build
their career as well as make funds to pay off expenses. Vacancies are also
needed as there are new innovations introduced to the markets and some vacancies
are required who have the right expertise and skills for employees to promote a
new product and expand a new starting business.

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Large businesses recruit employees in order to help gain
customer needs in the business as well as help the running of the day to day
business. Without recruiting, the manager of the business will not be able to
help fulfil the customer requirements effectively and will not be able to run
the business.

Furthermore, the development of technology and systems are
changing the job scope roles of employees because as self-check outs are being
introduced this means employees job roles are changing because instead of being
on the till they can focus more on stock levels and solving customer needs.

Some methods large businesses recruit are:

Workforce planningJob centres and agencies 

A large business or an organisation who have more than 250
employees such as Tesco’s will initially use a commonly known strategic method ‘work
force planning’ to recognise the amount of recruitment needed by identifying
how many potential employees will be needed in the future and visualising their
current employees and their skills.

For example, Tesco’s may need to recruit extra employees
because they recently opened a new branch and need new employees to ensure there
is enough stock on the shop floor available for customers as well as solving
customer queries and dilemmas.   

Tesco’s may also need new employees or staff because as
seasons change because during the Christmas periods stores have sales such as Christmas
sales and those are the most busy periods for retailers such as Tesco’s. This
leads to Tesco’s having to hire temporary staff and employees to increase their
sales and make the company deal with customers easily and effectively.

Job centres and agencies

Job centres are organisations that help unemployed job
seekers find work, this is done by advertising jobs through professional advice.
They also offer suitable training for a job role which helps individuals get
the work they acquire. Furthermore, agencies help organisations find the right
employee with the job role they require. This is used by organisations as they
believe the agencies will help them find the right employee for the specific job
role they need. Job agencies charge an employer when a suitable employee is
found according to their requirements, Both of these external employment
processes are funded by the government.

 An advantage of these
agencies is that they won’t need to build a team who recruit staff as that is time
consuming. However a disadvantage is that job agencies want to be paid in
return which may be expensive.



Internal and external advertising


Internal advertising is when a job can be recruited within
the organisation or business. External advertising is when an employee has
knowledge of the business and the requirements needed to work there. Introducing
external employees will give an opportunity for current internal staff to get
promoted because of their expertise as well as making them motivated and
determined to do better in the job role by representing their leadership and
motivating external staff to be like them.

An advantage of internal advertising is the employees knows
the organisations job role requirements which will be beneficial for the organisation
as they won’t have to provide or pay for training and instead the employee will
know their jobs straight away. However, a disadvantage is that, because the
employees are internal it may not introduce new ideas compares to an external


External advertisement is when a job is recruited from
outside of the business or organisation.