Part than the computer assessment, then I

Part I: Working Style

Reflecting on my working style
self-assessment, I was surprised to know that my energy was high in explore and
examine. Some of my strengths according to the 5 dynamics are that I have a
systematic approach which is driven by facts and data, I prefer reason and logic.
I need to see the big picture before my mind can grip the facts. I tend to be proficient
at researching and collecting data, as well as revealing errors and correcting
mistakes. I am introverted, rational, organized, detailed and always want to
know, why and how. My challenges are that I can become overwhelmed and
frustrated when I expect perfection from myself and others. I am the biggest
procrastinator I tend to put off things that I don’t like doing as well as
finishing assignments and projects on a deadline. Since I tend to be so
organized that working or learning can become a struggle when I have co-workers
or teachers who are disorganized or are too unreliable. According to my energy
group everything has its place and has its appropriate time. I learn best by
organizing and categorizing them into functional outlines once they are
organized I can easily learn or memorize them. Also, by using a recorder I can
control the way that the course is delivered. As well, if I create a visual diagram
of what is being studied, I seem to retain the information better. If my
assessment of my style was different than the computer assessment, then I
believe my assessment would be high in the execute group. Because I believe I
can be a workaholic who sees the big picture and actively pursues what I want
and not give up. I become enthusiastic when I see data and results. The working
styles that I would look for in a teammate to complete a project would be in
the execute energy group, since this group tends to be determined to complete
tasks and are strongminded to get things done. I believe these qualities are important
because they would encourage me to complete my tasks on time, since I tend to

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II: Communication

Before taking Professional Communication and Leadership
Course, I thought there were only two choices in a conversation which was
speaking up or staying quiet. Now I know that the best conversations are both
fact based and purpose driven, and that we can all learn to effectively promote
and resolve issues in a skill that can be heard and generate value, because true
communication is a network of conversations, connecting separate lives into a
larger system.

On the conversation meter, at work
I tend to spend more time on Sincerity listening and Accuracy speaking. For
instance when we discuss how we should complete certain tasks I find myself
struggling with co-workers who have different views. I tend to listen to flaws
and mistakes in what is being said and wait for an opportunity to point them
out. With Accuracy communication, I tend to ask fact based questions to help
shift out of bio-reaction, such as giving observable facts first and opinions
second. I usually repeat what I heard to reiterate the message back to the
speaker for understanding. My experience communicating with co-workers is much
different from the way I communicate with my family. At home I tend to listen
and communicate with Authenticity. At home I can make eye contact as they speak,
so they know I am listening and they feel comfortable and are able to share
more with me. As well when I communicate with my family I tend to ask questions
that include their feelings and thoughts on every decision that we make
together. After taking this course, I have observed at how I respond and react
to when people talk to me and I tend to verbally respond at a level of Accuracy
with some Authenticity. Understanding on how I listen and communicate with
people has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that talking to someone in the
right mode allows for ease and honesty to a good conversation. I have learned
that communicating or listening in some modes from the Conversation Meter or
the Laws of Conversation have perhaps ruined a few of my relationships with
family members and co-workers. Understanding these modes requires me to think
outside of myself. I have realized that other people have different views than me,
in which I can value other opinions, and be able to work together. I plan to
use these new communication modes by actively listening and engaging in positive
feedback conversation therefore decreasing cycles of waste and increasing
cycles of value because it would avoid many arguments.

Part III: Strategies

The learning habits and skills I
need to become an excellent student are time management and designating a quiet
place. I need to have less procrastination and plan specific times for school
work. As of now, I wait until the last minute to start on school assignments. I
also have not designated area to study or do school work, I usually sit in
front of the TV while it is on. I believe if I set a time to do school work and
a quiet place I would avoid procrastinating and concentrate more on my
assignments. The learning habits and skills I already have are taking notes,
and recording lectures to review randomly throughout the day. I take notes or
record the lectures I typically write down three sections on a sheet of paper.
One section is for overall note taking, the other is to emphasis key points,
and the final section is to summarize the information and highlight the key
points to review on what was discussed. So, I would say organizing helps me
retain and learn the information more effectively. The learning habits and
skills I need to develop are developing a daily routine and to write down
realistic goals. Such as studying or doing school work in small increments
throughout my day. Generally, if I don’t set up a deadline, I won’t be
motivated to do school work on time. I believe being successful in school is an
important part of having a successful daily study routine. The plan I have for
developing and sustaining the learning habits I need to develop is to begin on
the right mindset to study smarter. I will aim to think positively when I study
and remind myself of my skills and abilities. I will find an ideal place to do
school work, to avoid distractions and be able to concentrate on school work.
If I am distracted with work or TV shows, then doing school work will be become
a frustration. Also setting a study plan that fits my work schedule. I will avoid
lengthy study sessions which have a habit of being overwhelming and increasing
procrastination. I will take small breaks, do some stretching and walking
around as ways to revive myself, since exercise creates blood flow throughout
the body, and oxygen to the brain, therefore making me feel more alert.

Part IV: Assessment

            Reflect on your
overall experience in the course and then answer the following questions:

In doing these exercises I learned
that I have much to learn especially in the Conversation Meter. I usually
interrupt especially my co-workers and made comments without allowing the other
person to finish their point. The most challenging part was understanding the Conversation
Meter and the Laws of Conversations on what they were intend for, I know I need
to appreciate the value of conversations to be able to benefit and have compassion
with hopefully every conversation that I have. I believe these exercises were
valuable to me because they opened my mind on the value of a good listener is
and how to effectively communicate.