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Plastic surgeons are an elite group of people who help others feel more confident about their body, repair damaged tissues related to trauma and reconstruct the severely deformed. Becoming one of these elite surgeons has been a long time dream for me, despite the many years of college and training that are needed. As with many careers in the medical field plastic surgeons can operate anywhere in the world.  A large salary and unique lifestyle are the rewards for hard work and the countless sacrifices needed to obtain my goals. For college as a plastic surgeon it will be very lengthy and time consuming.  First I will have to graduate with a four year Undergraduate degree, with that I will end up with my bachelor’s degree. Medical schools require that you complete premedical courses, such as biology, chemistry and physics.  After that I will have to complete med school, in med school that is where  I will complete up to two years of classroom training in the science classes needed, followed by two years of clinical rotations. After that I will then complete three years in a general surgery residency followed by three years of plastic surgery residency. During your general surgery training, I will have to complete clinical rotations in different types of surgery, such as abdominal, breast, pediatric, trauma, cardiothoracic and neurological surgery. Plastic surgery training will include further rotations in areas like cosmetic, hand, reconstructive, laser and maxillofacial surgeries. If I would want to complete a fellowship that would be another year to go through,   All together it will add up to be about 14 years of school all together.  The entry into medical school it will be very competitive so I will have to stay on your toes in order to complete everything needed in order to obtain this job. My plan of education after high school, I plan to attend Kennesaw State University.  I will attend KSU for my first four years of college to do my undergraduate work. This is where I will major in a science, such as biology. After I get done with my basics my hopes is to transfer to Emory university for medical school, in which this is where I would go to earn my Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) this will take four years to complete. After that I would finally go onto my surgical residency, which will take up to six years to complete. I would complete my first three years solely practicing general and plastic surgery, then followed by  another three years of specialty training in plastic surgery while still attending Emory. To be a plastic surgeon it is going to take intensive training to become one. You will have to be prepared to have a long road ahead of you of school. Being a plastic surgeon you need to be neat, have an artistic ability to make everything just right. A steady hand is very important, you never want to make a wrong move when performing a surgery. You will need to be able to have a good communication with people, understand as to what they have as an input on things and be able to talk them thoroughly through the procedures. You will also need to be able to handle being in the hospital for long irregularl times, being on call, coming in late at night to come into do surgeries, along with standing long periods of times. May also be required to travel at times to perform surgeries or for other work reason. The American Board of Plastic Surgery, is the only board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Becoming a plastic surgeon the requirements first  to undergo is a written examine. Once I have passed the written examine then needing to have to provide a nine month case listing of cases performed within that time period. Once that is done, then I will have to  undergo a two day examine under the American Board and be drilled, this testing system only happens once a year. I will need to make sure you are a licensed as a surgeon as to which state you are going to be working in. In order to get my license, I will have to take a Medical Licensing Examination.   Plastic surgeons are known for performing just about anywhere in the United States and are known for the work around the world too. In the United States the top places to work is Miami, Florida, Miami is the number location for plastic surgery to be performed in the United States. Alongside with other cities in Florida to be known to be great places to do this job, Georgia, New York, California, Texas, Washington, are also outstanding places to work in for this job. Once you obtain the job you may work in a hospital, mostly common to work in the hospital at night, they may work in a own practice in a surgical office or they can also work as a group practice. Specialties typically work in the private clinical setting. The surgeons in that case will normally work normal hours in a small clinical environment. Salary for a plastic surgeon is one of the highest making jobs in the medical field.  Salary is $362,165, as of October 31, 2016, with a range usually between $302,838-$449,370.  Plastic Surgeons can make an hourly range from $114-$394. An entry level for a plastic surgeon is about $237,000.  Based on the United States for a plastic surgeon in all the ranges for them in salary is $323,434 a year. They have a bonus range from $3,000 to about $36,000. Some of the best paying states in the United States is New York that makes about $341,000, Los Angeles is about $326,000, Seattle $317,000, Miami $300,000 and then Houston  making around $299,000. The typical wage made throughout the nation is approximately $346,408. The type of training and medical experience does make a huge difference as to how much you will make as a plastic surgeon. Also with what kind of an employer you are too. The job outlook for plastic surgeons is expected to grow at a rapid rate by 18% from now to 2022. It would make a total increase of 123,300 jobs because the aging of the medical field is continuing to grow each and everyday, also along with the new technology and techniques evolving. It is said that if you train to be a plastic surgeon starting now, that there should be of a higher chance to becoming one and will be profitable. Here in the United States over 8.7 million, Americans have spent $9.4 billion on cosmetic surgery, which required cash up front was reported in 2004. This trend is expected to continue and if it does, it will help, the money intake for plastic surgeons to make an average of $320,000 a year.  More and more each year more people are willing to pay out of pocket in cash for cosmetic surgery making the job as a surgeon stronger.The job as a plastic surgeon is evolving. I plan to pursue a career in this pathway to help people feel more confident about their self and helping people when in need of this type of surgical assets is in need of. Through the time amount of school and work that will be put into this it will definitely be all worth it. The outlook for plastic surgeons is growing, more and more people are going out to become this. It takes time and skills to be a plastic surgeon’s, well any kind of surgeon or any type of job takes it that kind of requirements.