Present also effort in an area which

Present life is nearly solely reliant on Transportation engineering. It
is all over the place and it is continuously varying, and it is this in precise
which fascinate me to transportation engineering. I expect that in this ground
I can syndicate my knowledge and expertise in civil engineering, a field in
which I have graduated, which predominantly interest me, and also effort in an
area which is both different and thrilling. I am paying attention to the
prospect of a profession which assists me to shape the world around me for the upcoming
and make a change to people’s lives. Although I anticipate a tough and difficult
career, I also believe it to be paying, particularly when I have seen projects constructed
from start to end.

Growing up and observing different construction projects in a congested
city like Peshawar, I have observed the disorder which overcomes the
transportation sector. A constantly increasing population and a rapidly increasing
middle class are placing an extra load on an already teeming transport network.
As the city and the country changes along its growing path, the transport linkage
is among the first problems to tackle with.

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In my undergrad life I have studied variety of subjects such as, Transportation
Engineering (Basic course), Geotechnical Engineering and Urban Infrastructure
planning, which matches completely with the subjects I will be taking in Transportation
Engineering, University of Alberta. These courses mainly discuss the problems
of transportation, properties of soil, mechanics of soil and planning of
infrastructures. Fortunately, I have a strong theoretical background in this

I have worked on different projects in Transportation engineering, one
of my paper titled “Hybrid framework analysis of the pedestrians’ decision
among multiple choice crossing paths for an urban road” has recently been published
in International Conference on Renewable Energy & Environmental
Engineering, Khajuraho, India, which was be held on 9th December, 2017. I
co-authored another research paper titled “Parametric optimization of
Cantilever Earth Retaining walls” which has been published in the International
Conference on Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering, held in M.U.E.T.,
Jamshoro, Pakistan during November 23-25. I have also worked on a project
titled “The Behaviour of Local Drivers toward Traffic Rules and Road Safety: A
Case Study of Peshawar City (Project completed under the supervision of Engr.
Arsalaan Khan, faculty CED, UET, Peshawar).

I am currently working as a trainee engineer with Peshawar Development
Authority (PDA) on the currently largest and most complex project of the
province “Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid
Transit Corridor Project” which is giving me further
experience in the field of Transportation engineering and is helping me to
better understand the material that I have been taught during my undergraduate
Transportation courses.

Furthermore, I have worked on the project “Geotechnical analysis and
foundation optimization of central prison Peshawar”. It involved analysis of
the foundation of the prison for its bearing capacity, which was found using
the immediate settlement from the plate load test at the site, the structural
analysis of the existing building in ETABS. Lastly, foundation criterions were
checked using different types of footings i.e. isolated footing, strip footing,
and Mat/Raft foundation, and were compared with the installed piles’ foundation.
Raft foundation was found to be in accord with the design criteria and highly
economical after its difficult computer modelling using SAFE V.12.

Henceforth, I can fairly tell that my wish to be accepted upon this
Masters course is a grouping of two core reasons.  First, it is due to my interest in the
subject and second, partially down to my craving to achieve a higher
qualification.  I believe this will allow
me to stand out exceeding contenders with just a degree to forthcoming companies
as I desire to enter into a position that I take equally a concern in but likewise
have the expertise and qualifications to live up to the role appropriately and professionally.

Graduation in this program from University Of Alberta will support my
contribution towards the transport problems by working with different companies.
With Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering, I pledge to become part of
major consultants and contractors, such as AECOM Canada, CIMA+, PCL
Construction and reach to the highest ranks of design and management.

In concluding, I hope that I have revealed to you my academic proficiency
that I possess in this area and the extreme interest that I have in
Transportation Engineering.  I believe it
is currently clear to realize that I am very ardent about this topic and surely
experienced for a place on the Masters in Transportation Engineering course at
the University of Alberta.