Pride conclusion that First impressions was a suitable

Pride and Prejudice is a really interesting book,
which gives you some important information of the period it refers to and has a
moving force for many readers through the years. Pride and Prejudice is a
romance novel by Jane Austen, which was the first to be written in 1796-7 and was
originally entitled First Impressions.
It combines the freshness of youth with the skill of maturity, not least in the
brilliance of the characterization and the attractiveness of the heroine,
Elizabeth Bennet. Concerning the title, someone could wonder if Pride and Prejudice or First impressions is the best choice.
In fact, this issue is far from black and white and we are not really able to
choose. It depends on the personal view of us. But how do we find the first
choice of Jane Austen, First Impressions
and her decision to change it?

On the one hand, this book discusses how much people
are influenced by the first impression they create about each other. So, in my
opinion, this fact leads me to the conclusion that First impressions was a suitable title for this book. In Pride and
Prejudice we see the leading characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, who are
both influenced by their mutual first impressions and this is something that
almost destroys their relationship. Moreover it should be definitely mentioned
that this novel reminds the readers that misunderstandings possibly occur when
only depending on the first impressions.

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Mr. Wickham is a typical example of the topic “How
first impressions affect people’s relationships”. Describing his first
appearance in the novel (“His appearance was greatly in his favor; he had all
the best part of beauty, a fine countenance, a good figure, and very pleasing
address.”), the author shows us a handsome and refined man. Furthermore, with
Elizabeth’s first impression of him, which referred as “The officers of
the——shire were in general a very creditable, gentlemanlike set, and the best
of them were of the present party; but Mr. Wickham was as far beyond them all
in person, countenance, air, and walk”, everyone can observe the love at the
first sight. However, we all make a fatal mistake, since he turns out to be a
gambler with a large amount of debt, and what’s worse; he entices naïve girls,
such as Lydia, to elope with him, without any consideration of the terrible
damage brought to the Lydia’s family and her own. Therefore, it’s too arbitrary
for us to evaluate a person only relying on the first impressions.

On the other hand, Pride and Prejudice is also a
suitable title for this book. Having read the book, someone can easily
understand that most of the characters have both pride and prejudice. Most of
them have a high economical and political status. This has as a result their prejudice
against the others. In other words, when they meet one new person, they create
their own opinion about him/her from the first impression they gain at this
occasion. For instance, the fact that Darcy is rude against Lizzie causes her
prejudice against him and then her pride doesn’t allow her to forgive or look
for the good.