Question- tend to might conjointly use silence

Question- Can we without language communicate about the nature of an object with each other?Answer- When we look back in the era when language wasn’t developed yet and humans used tocommunicate with each other through different means like sound, signs and drawing. In more recentyears, individuals have begun to broaden the definition of the term to incorporate forms like art, music,poetry and dance.The body as an instrument of communication doesn’t simply mean that the mouth speaks the handsmildew or the feet move. To be very obvious, we are able to use bit to speak. Once, we punchsomebody, we tend to communicate emotion. Once we hug them, we tend to communicateaffectionateness. On a additional refined note we are able to communicate with our visualcommunication. We will shrink aloof from those who we tend to don’t feel snug with. This communicatesour unease in their presence. For example, during our school time we all students laugh at our teacherbecause she is having some problem while speaking. But, during our last days in school that teacher toldus her story that whenever a certain teacher came into her room to talk to her or a student, she wouldphysically move away from her, stand farther away and then lean away as well because of all this shereally don’t like to talk with anyone. At that time, we all feel very ashamed. At that day we came to knowthat there are different others way to talk with people.Body language is that the current darling rationalization for non- verbal communication. There are certainyou have been exposed to a number of the theory: closed arms suggest that you are closed to friendlyadvances; toes inform at somebody suggests that you prefer them differently we tend to communicatewhile not words is by the intentional use of silence. We tend to might conjointly use silence to speakpatience. We are able to wait in silence for a devotee to seek out the words to speak out the words tospeak to different countries people, instead of simply filling the silence with words for them. The mostcommon thanks to communicate while not victimization words are thru facial expressions.Drawing is a sort of communication simply constant as speaking may be a sort of communication theprocess of inserting your concepts on paper, and a ability that may be utilized in several work things.However, smart drawing skills aren’t accidental. With drawing, the additional you practice the higher youget at understanding however the components of the thing to be created can’t work together.Another necessary a part of developing your drawing skills is reacting to recognize and perceiveproduction drawing standards. Drawing standards are a group of rules concerning the manner drawingsfor example, dimension lines are drawn in an exceedingly bound set manner and everybody learns howto couple that way. Having production drawing standards additionally means language isn’t a barrier tohuman activity your concepts. Fashion, even as the other language, has its own descriptive linguistics.There are unspoken rules regarding what matches, what’s acceptable, what to wear in sure things andwhat’s unacceptable and whereas each language has completely different accents and dialects, thus willfashion completely different cultures, religions and teams of individuals have other ways of constructingoutfits to speak their beliefs, friends, teams to that we have a tedency to belong and also the media.The words that conjure the language of fashion embrace hair designs, make up, jewellery, shoes,clothing and accessories. Even as words are place along to form sentences, the building blocks of thespeech of fashion are place along to form outfits or sure appearance. Some individuals have a reallygiant vocabulary of wear and may produce a over plus of outfits to speak various things at completelydifferent times. Others have restricted choices for convincing messages victimization wear.In conclusion I pen down saying that there are different ways to interact with others which is notnecessarily through words.