RationaleThe part of the course this written

RationaleThe part of the course this written task is for language persuasion and speech. Friends, We are all gathered here to witness one of the greatest demonstrations to fight for the rights and freedom of the black people in America. Racism has taken root in our country for over one hundred years. Some progress has been made, it’s true. But just when we all thought the efforts of our forefathers black and white, had begun to bear fruits in eradicating racism, a few of us are busy plotting the fall of America back to racism. The lives of the black people in our country are still chained by discrimination and the menace of segregation. In our society today, African-Americans have been forced to live as exiles in their own home land, leading lonely lives in their own island of misery and within a massive ocean of material prosperity. The reason we are all gathered here today is to hold the bull by the horns and let everyone far and wide, in every community, black and white know about this shameful condition. I have spoken with quite a number of individuals who have then shared their experiences and opinions about this current nightmare – racism. One individual told me of their adventures in the African continent in the year 2004. She had visited Sudan and experienced the genocide that was taking place in Darfur. The degree of oppression and hate that she witnessed in that country brought a cloud of sadness upon her. She pictured the same amount of hatred among the Americans in relation to racism; she is afraid of the direction this country is headed in. She spoke with individuals from Africa who were captivated by the United States of America and who marveled at the opportunities which exists in our country. The young Africans wished that they could get only one day’s experience of the life we Americans live. It is depressing that some Americans want to make others feel as though they don’t deserve to live in their homes, go to schools with white children and benefit from this marvellous life. I have also had my own share of discrimination just because of the fact that I choose to stand for freedom. Being a member of the San Francisco 49ers, I opted out of the last contract in March 2016. Since then I have not been hired by any other club in the NFL due to the fact that I was fighting against racial injustice. My first protest was to sit down during the national anthem instead of kneeling as was the custom. This action made some of my fellow players to follow suit. I paid a visit to all NFL teams and none of the teams was willing to hire me.  My perspective is that the executives of teams in the NFL have all conspired to boycott my being hired in any of the teams. All I wanted was fair treatment by the league I was playing for, having given my best skills for the benefit of the team. Such precedents are a threat to every patriotic American and would pull us many miles back to America’s darkest days. Our forefathers used their tears and blood to buy the freedom of the African-Americans through their protests for the constitution to dictate equality among all citizens. Americans today have removed their graves and brought back the racial racism. We, who are gathered here today, refuse to do it. We believe that our country should be rich of opportunities, security of justice, and freedom. It is for this reason that we highly condemn the acts of injustices by our own law enforcers towards the African-Americans. We also highly condemn cases of discrimination in the transport sector. Research has shown that about three out of every five black individuals have had experiences of unfair treatment by the police where their racial background is the major reason of the unfair treatment. Most of the African-American have shared their experiences saying that they have felt as though the police were specially targeting them. More, white people who lived in more diverse communities have attested to the mistreatment of black people in the same communities. In communities containing at least 25% of non-white individuals, forty two to twenty nine percent of the white people claimed that the police were too quick to apply excessive force when dealing with non-white individuals.There has been several instances which have been recorded and noted by the NACCP regarding discrimination of African-Americans on American Airlines thus necessitating investigation. Among the several incidences which have been listed by NACCP, an African-American passenger on the flight was forced to give up a ticket which he had already purchased. The passenger was travelling from Washington D.C. to Raleigh. He faced a situation where a fellow white passenger commented disrespectfully and discriminatorily to the African-American who defended himself by responding to the white passenger. The airline decided to side with the white passenger rather than look into the matter and act as per the requirements of the airline’s code of conduct. To curb such occurrences, action needs to be taken and at the fastest rate possible.It is unforgivable that our government ignore police brutality in the United States. It is high time that all of us who are gathered here to wake up and walk into the right path of Black Lives Matter. In light of all these instances of racism, all these instances of injustice, action must be taken to emphasize the fact that the Black Lives matter. We should save our country from drowning under the darkness of racism. Colin Kaepernick                                                                              28th December 2017Word counts: 928BibliographyPaul, Frymer, “Black and Blue”, 2008.Brown, Rachel. “NAACP warns African Americans about traveling on American Airlines.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 25 Oct. 2017, www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/10/25/naacp-warns-african-americans-traveling-american-airlines/797755001/