Self-esteem high self-esteem (Baumeister, 1998), the people

Self-esteem is
composed of two distinct dimensions called competence and worth (Gecas,
1982; Gecas & Schwalbe, 1983). The competence dimension
(efficacy-based self-esteem) refers to the degree to which people see
themselves as capable and efficient. The worth dimension (worth-based
self-esteem) refers to individuals’ feelings of how valuable they are. By and large, it is believed that there are many benefits in having a positive
opinion about the self. Those with high self-esteem are assumed to be
psychologically happy and healthy (Branden, 1994; Taylor & Brown, 1988),
whereas those with low self-esteem are believed to be psychologically
distressed and perhaps even distraught (Tennen & Affleck, 1993). The people
with high self-esteem are apparently provided with benefits in life. They not
only feel good about themselves, but also are able to effectively cope with
challenges. Moreover, they live in a social world in which they consider people
as valuing and respecting them.

 Although there are
negative consequences associated with having extremely high self-esteem
(Baumeister, 1998), the people with high self-esteem seem to lead happy and
fruitful lives. On the contrary, people with low self-esteem have almost
negative insight and perception against world around them. Self-esteem is the
most significant factor playing a vital role in an individual’s mental health. Besides,
it is said to be significantly related to quality of life and physical and
mental well-being (Mechanic, McAlpine, Rosenfield, & Davis, 1994, cited in
Carr & Browne, 2015). Most of definitions of self-esteem encompass subjective
beliefs related to personal worth (Hendricks et al., 2001). One definition
provided by Coopersmith (1981) includes how individuals judge about personal values
or the attitudes concerning self-worth. One of the most commonly accepted
definitions of self-esteem is suggested by Rosenberg (1979), where it is
presented as the individual’s global positive or negative attitude towards
self. He considers this phenomenon as a global attitude that displays the
psychological well-being.

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