Source While the diamond industry once allowed

Source 2


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This article deals with the background of
diamond mining, how it started and what it led to in South Africa. The
production of diamonds has doubled in the past years, however it is thought
that most diamond deposits have been mined, and many companies have migrated
to Botswana. Most mining comes from old projects and costs a lot. Diamond
beneficiation was introduced to allow for historically involved companies to
renew themselves and allow for sustainability. While the diamond industry
once allowed for an increase in jobs, it has now decreased significantly. However,
if sustainability policies are put in place, diamond mining will allow for
more job opportunities in the future.


This article serves to inform readers
about the historical story behind diamond mining and how it began. The
article also talks about the production of diamonds and companies involved.
It focuses on the industry no longer seeming as cost productive and
beneficial as it once was and it informs us that measures have been taken,
such as beneficiation, to improve development and sustainability. The author
also tells us that in comparison to other diamond producing countries, we are
producing very little and it is not enough to benefit our economy in a
prominent way.


The article is focused on South Africa, while the research
is focused on Gauteng. Despite the article not containing much positive
information on how the diamond mining industry is important, it does talk

how it was once
extremely important to the country, but in more recent years, production has
fallen and deposits have decreased making other mineral resources seem more
beneficial for the country in terms of opening up jobs and creating equity.
The article gives an opposing view on the importance of diamond mining to the
country, saying that while it was once extremely important in many aspects
such as the economy, it has now reached a point where it is making no
significant benefits.


The article was written by Ehud Arye
Laniado, the principle at Mercury Diamond. He specializes in rough and
polished diamonds. The information is reliable as he works in the diamond
industry at a prominent diamond company. He also gives statistics of
production rates which are reliable as he works in the industry.


The article is extremely one sided and
does not offer a lot of information on the importance of diamond mining and
how it has helped the country. The article also contains bias as the author
works within the trade and is providing his point of view despite having
accurate information and statistics.