STATEMENT to have more research in computer science


had completed my graduation and have experience in IT sector for 4 yrs,and I felt
the knowledge which i have towards Computer science is not enough to reach my goals,I
decided to pursue my masters to develop my career in a desired way.I have a
great anxiety to go more depth in the field of computer science ,and by the
tremendous change of Technology innovations in softwares   made the role 
of  software engineer a really
indespensible has been the

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reach the peaks of  Perfection I decided
to have more research in computer science in a good environment and friendly
teaching techniques which is possible only with a good university with the best
faculty with their execellence.

a prior experience towards computer science made me to turn my path towards the
coding and programming,which is the utmost knowledge a software Engineer should
have.I took up my undergraduation in Electrical and Electronics and learned many
concepts regarding Electrical,Management including computer hardware and
software concepts till the completion of my undergraduation and been placed in
MNC where my interest has grown more towards computer science.

my under graduation, I represented my college in national level technical fests
conducted in various colleges through paper presentations on various topics related
to electronics and its applications like latest technology and conducted
college level fest as a representative of my department.In addition to my
academics, I was the member of student activity center where the college events
were planned and I lead team with 50 members. In “Thunderion 2k14 “a state
level EE department fest in our college, I was the organizing head, handling
the position of managing the technical seminars given by the participants. For
its success we got rewards from our college authority,along with good academics
track  participated in inter-college
sports competitons as Im a district player in Throwball and Diskthrow.

my final semester i Did a real time project based on “Protection of sub
stations on Relys” for which we did in a Power plant.Visited the power
generation plants where hydroelectricity is generated.This project aims the
protection of substation in case of short circuit to avoid wear and
tearing  by using rely’s.Rely’s are the
switch’s which operate on/off  before the
short circuit reaches the substation,it acts a protective shield to avoid the
failure of the power transmission.

 interest towards computers made me to
learn the programmes like Core  Java,SQL(Strctured
Query Language),Cognos and salesforce.And  I have hands on Cognos and more exposure
towards  SQL which i use in my

school is the next step in my journey towards a career in the software field,and
I use the knowledge gain from my Masters’s  program to help me to get more  successful in execution of programs.and i want
to see myself as a good programmer with good quality of knowledge.

interest and acquired skills in computer programming along with perfect
analytical skills is making me a right applicant for this program in an esteemed

feel my association with the university will solidify my knowledge and that
will certainly help me throughout my career  to develop not only as a student and
programmer ,but also as a person,and enhance the interpersonal skills which  I need to make an impact in the field.

Thank you so much for
giving an opportunity to express myself.