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Suicide is one of the most secret, uncomfortable and unwanted discussions thatanyone can have. Yet, even if no one wants to talk about it, hundreds ofthousands of people commit suicide each year. The World Health Organizationstates that on average there are 800,000 suicides worldwide each year and thatfor every person who commits suicide, about twenty others have tried to commit suicide. There is18 years, in 2000, the suicide rate was only about 300,000 people. That meansthat in almost two decades, the number of suicides will increase by half a million. Yesthis rate continues, by 2050, more than a million and a half of people will commit suicide. It isgot to the point where almost everyone knows at least one person who has been affectedby suicide. Now, the big question is: Why do people do that?Many people have blamed mental health or bullying for this cause, but thisthat these people do not do is look deeper at why people are doing this. AOnce you start looking deeper, you may find thatsome of the reasons are very upsetting.For starters, we need to clearly define what suicide is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word suicide is defined by the action of killing oneself intentionally. This can include people who overdose on drugs, intentionally causing injuries, etc., as long as it is intentional. Now, when some people commit suicide, most people assume that they are depressed and do not look further for why they did this action. This is where society fails to understand why people do this, they do not want to look further into people’s depression. The best way in this case to describe the word depressed is to use one of the definitions. They define depression by being or measured below the norm or norm. An easier way to explain this is when someone thinks they are not good enough for the world. When someone is in a state like that, he feels helpless, unmotivated and has no real reason to live. The healthy way to handle these kinds of feelings is to open up to someone as a close friend or relative. Unfortunately, because these depressed people feel negative about themselves, they feel that their feelings do not matter, no matter, and that no one cares about their problems. For this reason, victims are more likely to not share or bottle. It is this action that causes people to take their own lives, when they have overwhelming negative thoughts about themselves and feel that they have no one to listen to. It is important to understand what is happening in the minds of people who are considering their lives because we can then build relationships and give them appropriate advice, other than “do not do it”.Another reason why people take their own lives is slightly disturbing. They feel that committing suicide is glorified. Think about it, if I gave you 10 seconds to think of someone who was in the news, or anyone who committed suicide, could you think of one? Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide in 2012, is a name that comes to mind for many people. Before dying, Amanda posted an 8-minute video explaining her story, why she was depressed and why she was going to take her life. Unfortunately, no one was there to help her and she felt like she had no other choice. Once the video aired, she had millions of views, she became a very popular person even if she was no longer with us. The problem with this is that she was glorifying to kill herself. So now, if someone is thinking of committing suicide, he may be more attracted to the idea, because it is possible that we remember them in a good way. Unfortunately, they will not be. When you were asked to remember the name of a person who committed suicide, you most likely found less than a handful of names. If we only remember a small number of people for what they did, about 800,000 people died for nothing. Some people commit suicide to better remember what they were, in truth, they are more likely to be forgotten.With hundreds of thousands of people dying every year because of suicide, it’s hard not to be desensitized sometimes. People have become too used to people who take their life for the fact that it does not surprise them as much as they are used to. It is