SUMMARY graduate students will learn different entrepreneurial opportunities




In every progress there is always a consequence which is inevitable, it
could be the positive outcome outweighs the negative impact or the other way
around.  There are various discussions,
studies, and experiments on the degree on specific environmental issues because
of human activities. Industry and globalization are targeted that has the
largest percentage of environmental degradation.

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Based on the
recent trend many industries expound the idea of the triple bottom line which
is sustainable entrepreneurship, that involves not only for sole profit but
also the people and conservation of the planet which should be given an equal
consideration, sustainable entrepreneurship could only be labeled if there is
an equal blending of the three bottom line (3Ps).  Today’s industry has the capacity to lessen
the environmental damage; more importantly, using new inventions, improve new
standards, environmental programs, efficient processes, and quality control
certifications for the industry to reverse the negative impact and generates an
eco-friendly result, thus creating a new industrial opportunity.


The new developments will greatly help entrepreneurs in resolving
environmental challenges with innovative industry. In the study conducted, they
identified the four market imperfections that have led to environmental
degradation: 1.) firms are not perfectly efficient; 2.) externalities exists;
3.) information is not perfectly distributed, and 4.) pricing mechanisms work
imperfectly.  These market imperfections
may help our current and future entrepreneurs to minimize the degradation and
improve the health of our diminishing ecosystem, thus become a sustainable
entrepreneurship that the future generation will be greatly benefited. 




In this
paper, marketing management graduate students will learn different
entrepreneurial opportunities related to sustainable entrepreneurship.  With the acceptance of market imperfection
entrepreneurs can create and exploit new ideas and opportunities and to be a
pioneer of change, the new breed of talented entrepreneurs can innovate
practices, improve market performance, and introduce eco-friendlier marketing

The topic
about the state of the global environment and its relationship to human
activity is an issue since the emerging of new industries.  Many scientific studies already suggested new
practices and implementation but still, the problem exists or even if it’s
eliminated a new problem will emerge, this issue becomes vast and growing that
has no absolute cure. In order for global commerce to shift towards sustainable
entrepreneurship, market imperfections should be addressed first by our
marketing scholars.








They said
that the heart of business success lies in successful marketing, thus it
involves recognition of current market imperfections which must be addressed by
our marketing specialist, and because of these imperfections have led to
environmental issues that trigger new opportunities in creating new technology
and innovative business models to combat the issue, and this is where
sustainable entrepreneurship was born.