Talking second homes they feel that they

about Senior Living, what happens when you need someone to assist when you
can’t do daily chores such as bathing, dressing,
and cleaning up on your own. How
about a home away from home? A place which is tailored to enhance their living
and helping. It’s
difficult to put down what exactly assisted living is in a single description. There
are various styles and options where in one could be a community would look
like apartment while other looks like town home. It’s basically designed for
seniors who are no longer able to live on their own safely and needs a helping
hand. Stuff like assistance with medications, housekeeping and meals are
routinely provided.


Senior living should
be looked at as an entire system, not just as an individual organization.
Generally, when seniors go to these second homes they feel that they are forced
to do so because of old age or because of some illness. Rather these spaces
should be inviting and purposeful with all the facilities where they can be
connected to the outside world and feel like an active part of the society. The greatest benefit of an assisted living arrangement
is that it eases the burden of care for the family. The older person who needs
some ongoing attention is placed in a facility where there are staff to help
them with their daily activities. This new era of person-centered care is guiding the design and
function of assisted living communities today. As the older population
continues to grow, we will see more assisted living communities designed to
appeal groups of seniors to help them live happily away from home in another

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Recently came across this page called
‘Seniority India’ on Instagram. So basically, what they are doing is documenting
the lives of old people from various places – what they do, their experiences, their
contributions to the society, etc.  Such things can be organized for
senior people in schools or communities, where certain people are called to
share their wisdom and experiences with others. This can be an example of
giving their living a purpose. 


The senior living
industry is quickly evolving. Every year there’s
something interesting, innovative and useful trends for senior living which is
provided to offer more amenities and more benefits. The design of this
multi-purpose space is getting to top priority. And it adds value through small changes too. Like just adding a support
rod everywhere in the house, provisions like if the bell rings it can be heard
everywhere, etc.


I feel few trends noticed in senior living currently

Varied Social activities
and recreation – to keep them engaged

Resort-like inviting
atmosphere – they don’t feel out of space

Food Flexibility
– to meet their digestive needs

–       Improved aesthetics and Tailored lifestyle – to add more value


Since it’s about
current trends there is a lot of awareness and willingness to do something
about senior living-from seniors’ side as well as the youngsters’ side. Technology
and digital advancement are being used to keep them connected to their family
members and digital gadgets like special phones and remote controls. All this
helps them in their day-to-day lives.


Today’s seniors are more active
than ever, and their living spaces should reflect that too. Senior housing will
continue to increasingly offer more choices and activities to help seniors
maintain independent lifestyles, while also providing personalized care for
those that need daily assistance. At the end, they just need someone to be there
for them.